My Little Ponies

my little pony kindness

I often like to write about funny things kids say.  My co-teachers and I always say we need to write these down, we’d fill a book!!

This afternoon, as I was walking my class back to our classroom, one of the little girls asked me what my favorite word was.  I had never been asked that before.  I had to think for a few seconds and responded, “Kindness.”  She gave me a big smile and said, “I knew it because you are always so kind. You are just like the My Little Ponies. All of them are kind too!”

I think I missed the “my little pony” phase by a few years.  I think my sister had a few that she played with.  They’ve been around for a long time! Glad to hear that their kindness has remained and that young children still like to play with them because anything that promotes kindness is a good thing!


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