“Pal”entine’s Day Dinner

Although Dave and I got engaged on Valentine’s Day 23 years ago, we don’t do much to celebrate it anymore.  We probably won’t even go out to dinner.  So many people make such a big deal out of the day.  Its such a Hallmark holiday though. Too much hoopla for us and since we love the comfort of home maybe we will just order some food in and celebrate with the boys instead.

Tonight though, we did go out with some friends. Just celebrated friendship. We are Godparents to each others children and have been friends forever.  So while we were driving home, I came up with the phrase, “Pal”entines Day, because they are our very best pals.  The people we enjoy spending time with the most!

There are four boys between us, and only one girl, my goddaughter Sally.  Today’s photo prompt was Pink, and her hot pink scarf among the khakis and grays of the boys stood out so I snapped this photo while we were at their house today.

Maybe “Pal”entine’s Day should be our new tradition. ❤

dinner with the mitzaks

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