“Popping Up”

As most of you know, I have become a merchandiser for Chloe + Isabel Jewelry. Basically that’s a fancy way of saying, I sell jewelry at home parties!!  Although with the internet I also can sell online!  At c+i, we call at party a “Pop Up.”  I have had two small pop ups so far. One with my best friend Kelly for a bunch of her friends.  It was supposed to be huge, but a big ice storm in January kept that from happening.  It still did really well though even with only a few guests. Then, about two weeks ago, a coworker of mine decided to hold a party for the teachers at our school.  Another small party but another success! Tonight, I am doing my first “Big”  Pop-Up.  It is at my house and an open house.  I invited lots of people from all areas of my life.  I am hoping to get a lot of parties booked from it.  My goal is two parties a month. If I can get more – awesome, but I am trying to keep it realistic and start out small. Tonight, the cards seemed to be stacked against me.  First, the party was scheduled to be at my dad’s house.  A much bigger home than mine that could fit many more people.  With him only home from the rehab center for a day, that wasn’t really a possibility anymore so now, we have moved it to my little home.  There may be a lot of us, but we will be cozy.  I will make it work.  It also happens to be the coldest day of the year.  Temperatures were at zero this morning.  Very cold for New Jersey! So, fingers are crossed that tonight is another success.  I have amazing friends and even if no one buys anything, I love that I am getting the word out there about chloe + isabel.  My goal tonight is to book at least one in home party. I’d love to get more, but again….start small. If you are in the area, stop by.  I’d love to show you the merchandise. Get out of the cold, grab a drink and some snacks. Come socialize and look at pretty jewelry.  It will be fun no matter what the outcome. Anyone reading this that is not in the area that would love to earn free jewelry without having to do a thing….contact me.  The stuff is gorgeous and chloe + isabel make it very easy to get it for nothing!!  Plus, there’s not much better than shopping in your pajamas.



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