School Play

ease on down the road

Tonight is the school play at Drew’s middle school. They are performing “The Wiz” and the cast and crew have been working hard for months.  They’ve been putting in 12 hour days lately between school and practice.  Three shows this weekend.  Then a break for all of them.

He is in the chorus.  A “Funky Monkey.” Tonight was a “failed mom moment” for me.  The kids are supposed to show up at school with their faces made up.  I myself wear very little makeup. Other than moisturizer, a bit of concealer under my eyes, some eyeliner and maybe some lip gloss if I remember…. That is it.  Never foundation, blush or heavily made up eyes.

When I went to my makeup bag, (my very empty makeup bag,) to try to find some makeup to use on him, I had very little.  I also have absolutely NO idea how to apply it.  So, I scrounged up some old blush that came in a makeup kit someone had given me.  After applying some tinted moisturizer, I tried applying the blush to his cheeks.  Epic fail.  I couldn’t even swipe his thin lips with my tinted lip gloss without it smudging all over.

He washed it all off in the bathroom.  I tried to do his eyes with some of my eyeliner.  Between his squinting and my unsteady hand, that was just as unsuccessful as the blush so it was wiped off too.  He wears his big glasses all the time anyway…does he really need it?

There will be makeup volunteers at the play tonight helping them get ready.  I threw the blush, a brush and my eyeliner into a baggie and told him to let them all have a go at it! I am sure they’ll have more success than me!

Good thing is he likes his hair, so he took some time gelling it and trying to get it “just right” for the show.  At least we know his hair will look great!

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