Bird Chirping Weather

bird chirping weather

When trying to compare the last two winters, I think that although last year was snowier,  this year was so much colder.  I don’t know what is worse!  I think I’d have to say the cold.  I was miserable this year.  I didn’t ever want to leave my house and that is so unlike me!  I live so close to work that my car never had enough time to warm up before getting there. I would freeze from the minute I stepped out my door each day.

So today, when the temperature hit 50 degrees, I nearly jumped for joy! Normally, I would never be rejoicing for a 50 degree day, but after what we’ve been through it was glorious!  Drew was outside in shorts playing hockey with friends.  I am not nearly at the extreme, but I did take Emmy Lou out for her walk in just a sweatshirt so that is a step in the right direction.

That extra hour of daylight to end each day always makes me happy. We are due for a week of mild temperatures.  As the snow melts, I just pray it doesn’t all find it’s way into my basement.  If we can avoid that – it will be perfect!  If only the rest of March could stay like this leading us right into Spring. Fingers crossed it does!

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