Spring is almost here which can mean only one thing….soccer season is here as well!  Dave is coaching again – this must be his 13th consecutive year and he always gets excited before a new season.  A new crop of kids.  Many familiar faces with a some new ones in the mix as well.  Kind of the like the way I feel before a new school year.

He pours over the names, sends out welcome emails and tries to get his team as excited about the new season as he is.  Today’s photo prompt is turf and at first, I began looking through old soccer photos of the boys playing on the few “astro”turf fields they have played on.  That brought up memories of the turf wars our community had a few years ago over whether or not to build a turf field in our town.  I wasn’t going to get into that battle tonight!

So, when I came across this oldie of Drew when he was about five, it seemed a perfect way to use the prompt.  He’s just on grass, not the turf photo I was looking for, but still a great one.  He still has that determination and drive when he plays.

It is always fun to see and watching some of these kids, who have been playing together for all of these years is a big part of the fun!!

Here’s to another successful season!!


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