A Magical Visit


Every year on St. Patrick’s Day, a leprechaun visits my classroom!  We have never been able to catch him.  He is a sneaky little character! This morning, we were greeted with tiny, green leprechaun footprints all over the classroom.

This is one of those perfect days in Kindergarten.  The innocence and the magic of Kindergarten comes out on a day like this! Not one of the children doubted whether the leprechaun was real or not.  Their faces were filled with wonder as they questioned how he could have gotten into our classroom.  They created little traps hoping to catch him during the day – even leaving one in our bathroom so that if he appears again over night….he might just get caught in our trap!

We had a special snack of green vegetables and fruits and made a shamrock craft with wishes written on them.  My favorite wish of all of them was the one that said, “I wish everyone was nice to each other.”

Here is another….


translation: “I wish (that) this is going to be the best day of my life”

The smiles on their faces as they left school this afternoon proved that it just may have been!!

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