Our dog Emmy Lou is afraid of the vacuum.  Petrified in fact.  So much that it makes us wonder if it brings up bad memories from her years in the puppy mill.  We have to work our vacuum schedule around her walking schedule because if she even sees it coming, she begins to shake and run skittishly in circles around the living room. This means that sometimes, vacuuming goes to the wayside.  Never too long, but until the dust builds up enough to make me crazy.  I don’t know how our home generates so much of it but dust makes me crazy.  You would think I was a clean freak…. I am probably the farthest thing from that. I know our house is old, and that we have been shut up inside all winter without being able to open windows to get some fresh air.  I total understand where the phrase, Spring Cleaning comes from. If we could just get some Spring-like days, we might be able to undertake it!

Friday is the first day of Spring and we are expecting SNOW! It can’t be much longer for real Spring weather to arrive.  Can it?

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