Fortune Cookies


Last week we ate dinner at my grandmother’s house.  We ordered Chinese food. We always eat it family style and have a little bit of everything.  At the end of each meal, there are always fortune cookies.  Personally, I don’t like the taste of them, but I still take one each week so that I can get my fortune.  I love when they actually mean something to me.  My grandma can’t read them herself so we always read her the fortune.

The cookie she chose this time had a fortune that made us laugh, “Read a novel and learn more about life.” Her 100 year old eyes cannot see well enough to read anymore but also, at her age, I think she’s learned a lot more about life than any of us and more than many of us could even find in a book.

We love her stories, we love spending time with her and hearing her stories.  Sometimes they are even better than a novel!

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