Class of 2019


It is official. After spending the day at Lasell College today, DJ decided that there is no doubt in his mind that this is where he wants to go to school. We were able to sit in on a seminar with several of the Communications Department faculty members and I could feel his excitement growing. At lunch, we were seated by course of study and he sat next to the head of the communications department. There were two other professors there too and although DJ knew already that this was it…they sold me on it too!

A funny thing happened after DJ signed his paperwork. Although neither of us told each other until after DJ made his decision, after he signed and we were walking out of the athletic center, he mentioned that the head of the department reminded him of grandma, (my mom.) She looked nothing like her but the funny thing about it is that I had the exact same impression while she was speaking to our group. Neither of us are sure what the connection was but it was so odd that we both felt it. The biggest “give away” for the mom/grandma connection was when she took her napkin from the table while we were eating, and hooked it into her shirt like a bib. This was my mom’s signature. She ALWAYS wore her “bib” – otherwise she wore her food.

Maybe it was her sign letting DJ know he is making the right choice. DJ still hasn’t heard from a few schools and I told him if he wanted to wait to make his decision he could, but knowing that he has his scholarship and that money is much less of an issue because of it, he knew this was the right choice.

I haven’t seen him so happy! He said he feels like a load is lifted off his shoulders and I am so happy for him!

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