April Fools!

april fools

April 1st.  I woke up forgetting to say, “Rabbit Rabbit!” The monthly bulk trash pick up garbage truck was outside crushing furniture before 5:30 am, so the first words out of my mouth were not those but rather something I wouldn’t post on a kindness blog 😉

April Fools Day has never been one of my favorite days. It brings out the craziness at school and I lose count of how many times I am told that I have a spider on my head!

The good thing is, it only comes around once a year and although they will attempt to fool me tomorrow, I can tell them it has to wait till next year!

As for missing my “Rabbit Rabbit” for today, I will simply reverse the process as I drift off to sleep tonight and say, “tibbar tibbar.”  That’s rabbit rabbit backwards.

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