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Every once in awhile I post funny things that are overheard in Kindergarten.

Yesterday, I put up the new April calendar in the classroom.  I have cute cards that I bought so that I can add special days like birthdays, special occasions and holidays.

Since religion and public schools do not mix, for holidays, I keep the cards very generic. For example, at Christmas, I will put up the card with a Christmas tree, but NOT the one with the Holy Family on it.  I put up a card for Hanukkah as well, again, very “generic.”

For Easter, I use the card with colorful eggs, rather than the one with the cross, again, staying away from the religious part of the holiday.  Whenever we have no school, I will add a card that says, “Special Day.”  Since there is no school on Good Friday, I just put up that “special” card.

One of the children asked me what the “special day” was and I told them it was called “Good Friday” and it is a day recognized by some religions, figuring I would leave it at that.  A little boy raised his hand and told me, “You know, they really shouldn’t call it Good Friday, because it is the day they killed God so it should really be called, ‘Bad Friday.'”

As I tried to steer the conversation away from religion and onto something else, a little girl called out, “Who killed God?” and another who asked, “Why would someone want to kill God.” Of course by now, there way too much chatter about God and I needed to end this immediately so I told the class that this was something they would need to go home and speak to their grown ups about because it really wasn’t appropriate for Kindergarten.

That is when one little boy, in a sad voice looked at me and told me he couldn’t talk about it at home and he’d never be able to find out the answer to what Good Friday was.

I asked him why and he said because he isn’t allowed to say bad words, and G-O-D, (he spelled it out,) was a bad word, which led me to having to tell him that God is not a bad word but the way some people use the word is what makes people think it is a bad word.

By now, I had lost ten minutes to a conversation that should never had begun and just needed to get back to the fact that all I wanted them to know, was that there is no school on Friday!

Fortunately, we get to celebrate two birthdays this month so by pointing out the cupcake cards, I was able to divert the attention on to something else, get back on track and find my way out of that one!!!


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2 thoughts on “Change the Conversation!

  1. Anita April 27, 2015 at 10:00 pm Reply

    You may be use to it, but I find it kind of interesting how one of your little kindergartner is not allowed to pronounce the word (or name?) “God”. It mustn’t be easy to change the subject when children are so curious by nature!

    • clairesinclair April 28, 2015 at 6:28 am Reply

      There are so many different cultures and religions celebrated in our town. I figure if I keep it neutral on the religion level, it is “fair” to all. I understand what you mean though.

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