My Little Spartan

In the beginning of the school year, Drew came home and told us about an after-school activity that he wanted to do.  It was training for a Spartan Race. Ever since my first mud-run, Drew has been wanting to do one.  A “real one” he said, not one of the little kid races he saw at The MuckFests I have done.

We agreed to it and he trained two days a week with two teachers from his middle school. Then, along came winter.  And the school play.  And training was put on hold. Once in awhile he’d bring it up, but never with much commitment.  We did notice that he was eating much better, making smarter food choices and talking about protein and fat in food.

Last night…after us asking him for more than a month if he was going to do the race or not, he made the decision to run it. One of his friends, who was as indecisive as he was, decided as well and our families drove to the race sight together early this morning.

The actual Spartan race was a TWELVE mile race.  The longest one I have done was a five mile race. The obstacles that I could see in this one were tough! The Kids Spartan was set to the side.  It was one mile long and had about five obstacles.  Drew and his friend met up with several other students from his school and one of their teachers and they did it.  All at their own speeds, but each one of them finished.

I was never an athlete growing up, only starting to really exercise and work out when I turned forty. Now I enjoy it especially these mud runs so it was fun to see Drew find joy in something that I have so much fun doing! He has already aged out of the Kids Spartan for next year. Maybe he will want to do one with me at some point!

IMG_2890e mucky MS

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