27 Years

remember me

Last night I went to my 27th highschool reunion. We never had a 25th and a few classmates got together and began planning this one.

At first, I balked at the price and decided that I wasn’t going because I already kept in touch with a lot of highschool friends through Facebook and the ones that I remained close to, I saw fairly regularly.  Then, an old friend, Kelly sent me a message asking if I was going.  We had been so close during school but sadly, had rarely seen each other since. She told me about a few more friends who were going and I changed my mind.  Dave refused to go. I tried encouraging him to join me since it was his class too, but he didn’t enjoy highschool and was pretty adamant about not going.  That wasn’t going to stop me though.

Kelly, who actually lives less than ten miles away, picked me up and it was as if not a year had passed since we had seen each other. We talked about how quickly time flies and how life sometimes “gets in the way.” We have lived so close to each other for all of these years and hadn’t seen each other in more than twenty!

There was quite a mix of classmates there. Only about 85 out of our class of 500 showed up but it was still really great to see them. Some of them I had seen around town and been in touch with, but others…let’s just say I was glad they were wearing name tags!! I was never a “cliquey” person and had friends in all different “groups.”  I wasn’t the popular girl, but I was far from a recluse!

It was great to see all of these “cliques” merging together last night.  Everyone has grown up.  🙂 Some of us, like myself, have students in college or on their way! Others, are only just beginning their families. Some single, some divorced and a few like me, married to their highschool sweethearts.

Now, planning for our 30th has already begun. Hopefully we will get a lot more classmates at that one. It really is great to see how our lives have evolved and what we interesting grownups we have become.


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