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Every Life Matters


The terrorists attacks in Paris have made us all pause. Facebook is filled with red white and blue flags as people stand in solidarity with France. I am shaken up by the events but can’t help wonder about all of the other innocent lives that have been lost in recent terrorist attacks around the world.

There have been numerous attacks in just the month of November. Why are some recognized more than others? Why is this one given so much more media attention? They are all dreadful. They are spewed with hatred.

I am not writing this to stir up political controversy. I am the least political person out there! Hundreds of innocent people have lost their lives due to radical beliefs. Regardless of where they were in this world, they were children, parents, husbands, wives and friends.  Their lives mattered to someone. They were all important and should be remembered.

“Because there is no flag that sees us all. Because we are all equal. Because the pain a mother feels for her children is the same in every language in every land.” Emily Konopinski Trunk

Feeling Grateful

It has been over a month since I have posted. Some days, it makes me sad that I have let this part of my life fall to the side. It was such a big part of my life. Like everyone, I have been so busy. Teaching and grad school are consuming my time. I am loving my group of Kindergarteners and my grad school class is compelling. I am learning so much and becoming so involved in Restorative Practices. I am almost finished with my second class and about to register for my third. I have been volunteering at a new shop in town a few days a month. The store, Arts Unbound, “is dedicated to the artistic achievement of people living with disabilities and seniors.” They provide education and professional development which allows these artists a place to sell their art. The gallery is in Maplewood, New Jersey and centers on art rather than on the stigmas placed on disabilities and aging. It is an incredible place and I am excited to be a part of it.

I haven’t even visited my blog in weeks, but decided to check in today, on Veterans Day, to see what I shared the last two years on November 11th. I wanted to reach out to everyone I know who has served our country but there are so many of them, I fear I will omit some. I am so grateful to them and am extending my gratitude to them here, in the hopes that they might come upon the blog. My family and I are truly thankful for your service.

veterans thank you