2017 Photo Challenge


In an earlier blog, I said that I was having a hard time coming up with ONE resolution. I woke up this morning feeling guilty that I still hadn’t come up with one. Then, I watched an adorable video that was shared by my friend Eileen. It only helped me confirm the idea that it is okay to get rid of the notion that I must choose one thing and if it doesn’t work out for me…..I failed.

There is one thing I am hoping to do – a photo challenge. I recently went on Pinterest and did a search. I found so many different challenges to choose from so I am not following one particular challenge, but ones that will work for me. Will I get to it everyday? I hope, but if I don’t, I will pick up where I left off.

This month’s challenge is the following:


I might not write about each photo because although each one might tell a story, sometimes the picture alone will be worth a thousand words.  The photos may be from my real camera and have amazing resolution and other times, from my phone. Like the two posted for Day #1 – LAST NIGHT.

Dave had to work last night so it was our first New Year’s Eve in 29 years that we didn’t celebrate together. We had been invited to several parties but he just couldn’t make it work. Drew had a sleepover with friends so my date for the evening….(can’t believe he chose me)….was DJ. We made a couple of stops but made it home early enough to watch the ball drop from our own living room.

LAST NIGHT –  spent with some of my favorite people in the world




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