Cozy – Memories of Auntie Linda

5 cozy Auntie Linda Blanket.jpg

Day 5 in the photo challenge is COZY.

When we were little, our babysitter was “Auntie Linda.” She lived right down the street from us. Auntie Linda also came over for weekly card games with my parents and their friends. She was a grown up babysitter. Not a teenager, but a good friend of my parents although she was probably about ten years younger. We saw her so often, she was like a part of the family.

I remember the apartment she moved to when we were little. It was about a thirty minute drive away in Fords, NJ. We would pile into the station wagon with our sleeping bags in tow. We’d bring our pajamas and after snacks and games we’d climb into her comfy bed which was piled high with cozy, handmade blankets and fall asleep while the grownups continued their games of Uno, Hearts, Bridge….

Late into the night, (or what seemed late to us) my dad would carry us one at a time to the back of the station wagon where our sleeping bags were already spread out in the way back. (This was long before seatbelt laws…)

We would sleep all the way home and climb back into our own beds looking forward to the next time we would visit! Auntie Linda lived there for many years. She and I had a special bond. We’d have girl days together and she always found a way to make me feel special. Like when the two of us went to Great Adventure and had to sit out for awhile after riding Lightning Loops because we both almost threw up!

She was an avid crafter. Her knitting and crocheted pieces were spectacular. She got my mom addicted to felt crafts and together they created beautiful ornaments and wall hangings that took up the walls in our home and all over our Christmas tree.

After a brief marriage, Linda moved back home with her mother. Although we were hoping that this move back to Maplewood would allow us to see her even more often, sadly, she became a recluse. We rarely saw her and I know that although it was hard on all of us, it was really tough on my mom. We missed her and my parents tried hard to include her in their get togethers but she never came.

Unfortunately, Auntie Linda passed away a few years before my mom.  We hadn’t seen her in ages. Her mother, who was elderly, moved away to live with her other daughter. The house was put on the market but before it sold, there was an estate sale. I decided that I needed to go. I needed to find something that gave me a memory of her. I found it the minute I walked into the house. A blanket that she had crocheted. It now sits on my couch in the living room and it is my favorite thing to cozy up with on the couch. I think of her every time I wrap it around me.

I find comfort in the thought that maybe she and my mom are off somewhere creating a new fabulous felt craft or playing a game of cards together where ever they are….


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