Going out on a limb with today’s word SWEET and using it not as “pleasant, kind, thoughtful” but instead as “emphasizing something cool or awesome.” It works for these photos.

Today in our town, there was an opening of a time capsule from July 8, 1898. It was found in a church that was recently demolished. I heard about the event earlier this week and expected there to be a good number of people who would come to see what could be inside the 118 year old box, but never expected the nearly 500 people who showed up at our little library to see it opened. I don’t think anyone anticipated the turnout! So many people came, there were even townies standing outside in the snow looking in through the big windows. That in itself is sweet to me~

Although there was nothing earth shattering or overwhelming awesome (sweet?) in the little lead box, it was a little part of Maplewood history and that was enough for most of us! For me, the best part of it all. Here is what was found in the box:

  • A copy of the Newark Evening News from Friday, July 8, 1898 (it cost 2 cents)
  • A Bible
  • Business cards of the builders of the church
  • A picture of the church
  • 4 pennies dated 1898
  • 1 nickel – we couldn’t read the date

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