Quiet – and Magical

The school I work at is very old and although everyone does their best to keep it “pest free” we still get our fair share of mice and ants. The mice don’t bother me, but they have to be reported for the exterminators. Obviously since it is a school, everything must be treated without poison or chemicals so glue traps are used for the mice. I hate these things and find them so inhumane and imagine the difficulty of trying to remove one from a Kindergartener’s shoe when they step on one! When I report a mouse sighting in the Pest Book, I usually write, “Cute, little mouse” which probably isn’t funny to most but it makes me smile. This year, the kids haven’t seen the mice but a few years ago, we had two friendly little mice who LOVED story time – no kidding! They’d come out whenever we had a read aloud, they’d come out and sit under the blue table. The kids named them Squeaky and Cheesy. Yes, I reported them, but they were smart little guys. Probably from all that reading!  They never got caught!

There is little we can do for the ants, (which are minuscule in size.) I won’t kill bugs so when we find them in the classroom, I put them out the window or into the trash…(I know they can crawl back out…) Several of the children are terrified of these tiny little ants so today, with the suggestion of a parent who found that “Magic Ant Spray” worked at her house, I created my own for the classroom.

  • Water
  • Peppermint Oil
  • Dawn Dish Detergent (for bubbles)

I put it into a colorful spray bottle and made up a magical story about how it would not kill the ants but would make them crawl back outside. As I sprayed it into the bathroom, the sunlight was pouring through the window. It could’t have been a more perfect scenario. It was like glitter raining through the air. The room was completely silents as they call sat there watching the Ant Spray fall to the floor.

I had to get a photo of it – which doesn’t do it justice, but since today’s word is QUIET I snapped the photo. If anything, it tells a great story~



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