Only One Week?

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One week. It has only been one week! It feels like forever!

Democrat or Republican. Trump supporter or not. As Americans we have to work together. I often feel that  I am not educated enough on the “big issues” to fight or protest. I admire those that are. So many of my friends are peacefully marching, writing letters and protesting and I am so proud of them! They are not promoting violence but rather demonstrating their inalienable rights.

Sadly though, I am seeing people who are losing friendships over this presidency! We are becoming divided and losing faith in one another and this is so disturbing. I try to hear the voice of my more conservative friends and wonder how they aren’t seeing the hatred that so many others are seeing. Our country, once known as the land of the free, the envy of other countries – is being laughed at right now. I am ashamed. Ashamed that brilliant doctors, researchers, scientists, mothers, fathers and children are being kept out of a country that once welcomed them.

I worry how this is going to divide our country. It has already happening. How long are we going to be able to just “agree to disagree?” I for one will try my best to be respectful to those who think differently from me. I might not understand their reasoning, and at the same time, they might not understand mine. I will get angry. I am already angry but I can’t get sucked into the negativity. Instead, I will find more ways to do good for others.  I will continue to contribute to my own community, to think globally and act locally. I will continue to be a positive force in my community and will find ways to volunteer and help out locally. I will encourage others to do the same.



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