Frozen – Word of the Day

31 otter.jpg

I didn’t take a photo today, but I can write about FROZEN!! Today it snowed. Just a little bit, less than an inch, but it wasn’t bitter cold so our school had outdoor recess. This made the kids so happy!

They wound up getting a lot more outdoor time than expected. A few minutes after they came in to eat lunch, the school was evacuated due to a very strong odor of gas. The fire department had already arrived to investigate the smell (which seemed to be coming from outside the building.) While the kids were on the playground, some of them noticed the commotion but they didn’t know what was going on.

As soon as the evacuation of the building began, we headed towards our safe location, which is the middle school, a few blocks away from our school. There are a few busy roads to cross, and until police officers came to block traffic, teachers took charge of holding up the cars to allow for students and staff to cross. Over 700 of us. The snow, while not deep, had made for frozen, slippery sidewalks, so we had to walk quickly but carefully to keep from slipping down the hill. As soon as we reached the middle school, a police officer gave us the “all clear sign” to head back up the hill to our school. This time, police officers were holding up traffic at the intersections allowing for us all to cross the street once again. Traffic was backed up quite a bit, but instead of the drivers getting frustrated and angry, not being able to go anywhere, they were smiling and waving at all the kids. It was like a parade.

I was so proud of our community. The teachers, staff, students, police officer, fire department and even those drivers in the cars. Everyone was so calm.

When we got back to our classroom, the students were asking why we had to evacuate. In Kindergarten friendly language, so not to scare them, we just talked about how there had been a smell that we were worried about so we wanted to get everyone away from it. A few of the boys kept insisting that we had to leave because of the otter on the playground. I explained that otters live near water and that we don’t live close enough to water for an otter to be there. They insisted I was wrong and until the end of the day they were convinced that otter was why we evacuated. I just let it be. Later, as I was packing up my things to go home, it clicked. There was no OTTER on the playground. There was an ODOR! I guess they had heard more of the commotion from the fire department than I thought.

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