Word of the day, ORANGE.  According to several websites I searched, it is one of the worst colors to paint a bedroom. Words like, jarring, and stimulating  are just a few of the words I came across. Yet our bedroom? It is orange. Dave’s favorite color. We painted it 15 years ago when we moved into this house. Dave and I came to the agreement that if I chose the downstairs colors, he could choose our bedroom. Seemed fair.

When I tell people my bedroom is orange, I am sure they assume burnt orange or peach…but then I tell them orange. Like the fruit. People seem surprised but actually, I like it. Yes, it is bright. Very bright, which is a good thing ,considering the poor lighting in our old house. We always thought we’d accessorize. I imagined going to Home Goods and buying lots of pillows, comforters and window treatments. Well, in fifteen years, that still hasn’t happened. We did buy a cream colored Oriental carpet that has beautiful shades of oranges and turquoise in it, but the accessorizing ended there. Unfortunately plenty of other home improvement projects had to come first…and are still coming.

For now, we will continue to hide the holes in the walls with hockey jerseys and cover the peeling kitchen counters with packing tape. When the bathroom wallpaper from 1940 began falling in the bathroom last year, I decided to fix it myself – only to reveal more holes and cracks in the plaster walls. My summer project put on hold, so instead, the partially patched up walls greet us everyday.  Those walls, brown and spotted from 70 years of wallpaper glue are pretty ugly to look at each day, so honestly, the bright orange bedroom is a welcome site!

The photo is an actual shot of a wall in our bedroom, at night, poor lighting…the photo cannot ev

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