Visiting Grammy


The last time I went to visit grandma was on January 14th. The day she came home from the rehab facility. I am sad to admit that but time got away from us. At first, it was the illness running rampant at our school. I was scared to bring it to her house. Then, it was just life getting in the way. I have talked to her and Gigi, her caretaker, and checked in  but haven’t gotten there.

It is too cold for her to go out so we brought dinner to her. My dad, brothers, sister and her family went. She was in one of her “story telling moods” which I love. We were talking a bit about her possibly moving into a smaller home. She said there was no place that could hold all of her furniture. Drew jokingly told her, “we’ll take your couch from the den.” We love that couch. It is from 1938 from some ‘fancy schmancy’ place in NYC. It has been reupholstered a few times but is still as comfy as I remember from when I was a kid and we weren’t allowed to sit on it! Gram shouted, “no one gets any of my furniture until I am dead!” Then she laughed – but I think she was serious!

She is always happy to smile for the camera, so the kids jumped in for a photo tonight.


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