Where I Stand

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Today’s photo prompt is Where I Stand.  Today was a day off of work. A perfect February, spring-like day. A day that I hoped to get a lot done. Instead, I sat nearly all day working on my course for grad school, Evaluation of Research. This slide popped up in one of the presentations I watched today.  So far, my adventures in grad school have been amazing. Although challenging, I have been truly engrossed and absorbed in the courses. This particular course, a requirement for graduation, has been hard. So hard! It is all online. The professor is great and so helpful. She is so smart, I am in awe of her. My classmates are smart, educated and incredibly supportive of one another in the forums which we share in almost daily. We get to meet in video group chats which have also been great.

For this particular class, we got to choose our own topics of research.. I chose to research the advantages of playtime in the kindergarten classroom, something I am passionate about. The topic is compelling and I am reading a lot about it but the course itself evaluates the research studies. Statistical and analytical data. The words are almost foreign to me. Lots of numbers, lots of data – all things I never thought I’d be working with as a Kindergarten teacher! This course is challenging and demanding and really making me think. I never thought grad school would be easy but working full time along with this one particular one is really testing me! At this point, I am just praying to pull out a B.

Restorative Practice is a social science that helps build healthy communities, decrease crime and antisocial behavior, repair harm and restore relationships.  I am a little more than half way done and can’t wait to see where the degree  will take me. I just need to get through this class first!


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