Love Notes


Having our boys  nearly five years apart was never really part of a plan but just how it was meant to be. Despite their age difference, they are very close and always have been. Today, Drew needed his social security number for something and although I know mine, Dave’s and DJ’s by heart, I don’t know his. I had to look it up so I pulled out his baby book where I have it written down. Drew said he’d never seen it before. Not sure how that is possible, but the two of us looked through it and although it is not even close to being as filled out as DJ’s is, I did have many things saved inside of it and we had a lot of laughs looking through it. Our favorite things were the love notes six year old DJ wrote to baby Drew. I also found out that Drew’s first word, wasn’t ball, like I remembered it to be  –  it was. It was DJ.

When they say time flies, it truly does. I miss those days but am so proud of how they are growing up and what they are becoming. DJ is almost twenty! I sometimes wonder how that is even possible. Drew is going through some ornery, crotchety teenage years but sometimes that sweet little guy still pops his head out to say hello like it did this afternoon… for about eight minutes.

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