Getting there…

normal-maya-angelouI am in the final weeks of my 6th course in graduate school. This class has been the toughest of all the courses I have taken so far. Evaluation of Research Methods.  I have to keep reminding myself that it is okay if I don’t get an A. It never mattered to me so much. In high school and college, I worked hard and did well, but I was never a straight A student. Not even close. So why this time am  I feeling so much more pressure to be one?  I am working harder than I ever have before. Balancing this with work has been tough. I never thought I’d go back for a masters degree. I should have done it way back when but never thought I needed to. I have never wanted to do anything other than teach. I still don’t, but Restorative Practices is the perfect supplement to go along with education. One class a semester means that next summer I will be done. Five classes down, one wrapping up and four classes to go…


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