Football (Soccer) Jerseys…

It feels so good when you can see the results of a lot of hard work. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to volunteer with an organization called, Jerseys from Jersey.  At the end of our fall soccer season, we collect used soccer jerseys, shorts and socks and when we have enough to outfit at least two full teams, we send them to underprivileged countries where they can be used by the children there. I have written about our community collection days before and they are always a big success.

We recently donated hundreds from our last collection to an organization that plans on bringing many of them to Ghana. Today, these photos from an earlier collection, were shared with me. Just another reason to be proud of our community!

Jerseys from Jersey South Sudan 1Jerseys from Jersey South Sudan 2Jerseys from Jersey South Sudan 3Jerseys from Jersey South Sudan 4

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