March 8th

I write about this every year on March 8th. I don’t need to repeat the story every year, but today marks FOUR years since I spoke to my mom.  Not the day that she died, but the day she stopped breathing and was put on life-support for a week. I had spoken to her that morning. We talked several times a day and I still find myself reaching for the phone to call her now.

My memories of her now are mostly happy ones.I miss her, but I am not still grieving for her. I still see signs that remind me of her and when looking back on my earlier posts about her I found the one from this day last year when I found a butterfly pin in my classroom.  That little broken pin brought me so much joy on what is always a sad day for me.

After she died, a former class parent, and now friend, shared a book with me that someone had given to him after the loss of his partner. Healing After Loss – Daily Meditations for Working Through Grief.  The first year, I tried to read it every day. Now, I take it out once in awhile and read the meditation for the day. Today’s meditation was this,

8 loss.png

I am sure for those dealing with recent loss, this is tough to read, but as the years have gone by, it rings more and more true.

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