Impending Storm

13 blizzardI have always disliked winter, which is why I have been so happy this year. Sixty degrees in February was bliss! It didn’t start to get cold until March and now, with just one week left until spring we are about to get hit with a blizzard.

A state of emergency has been declared. Schools are closed tomorrow. 18-24 inches are expected. I am hoping for a lot less. The shoveling is going to be rough. Fortunately Dave is off tomorrow so there will be some teamwork out there when it finally stops!

We have had one of these “monster storms” before. School was called early, state of emergency declared and poof it fizzled out. I don’t even think we got six inches. Maybe that will happen again.

With my class over and lesson plans all done for the week, I am looking forward to a lazy pajama kind of day. Binge watching shows I haven’t been able to keep up with is on my schedule. I got the ingredients to make a big pot of gravy – or sauce as my dad reminds me to call it.

I will take a snow day now and then. I just want this to be it for this school year. Hope the blizzard takes it easy on us…

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