Not enough time in the day to blog today. Back at it tomorrow.

Valentine’s Cards


It has been awhile since I have been able to give time to Arts Unbound. It is a gallery in town that celebrates the artistic achievement of individuals living with physical, developmental or mental disabilities, and seniors. Today I had some time between planning for a busy week in kindergarten and grad school work so I decided to volunteer for an hour or so.

Among all of the other incredible artwork they have for sale, I found these amazing Valentine cards. What makes them so special is that they are created by an artist who is deaf and blind. The artist, Christian Markovic was diagnosed with a neurological disorder called Charcot-Marie-Tooth. You can read more about this neurological disorder at the CMTA website.  I visited his website, Fuzzy Wuzzy Design when I got home this evening. He sells clothing with his designs as well.  Stop by the gallery and check out some of his work, or visit his website. You won’t be disappointed!


Bag Sale


It only happens twice a year and I mark it on my calendar the minute it is announced. It is the Bag Sale at West Village Clothing! I have written before about how much I love to shop “vintage” and this is my favorite consignment store around!  The line gets pretty long for this cute little store during the bag sales, but if you are lucky enough to be the winner of a golden ticket like I was….you can go in 30 minutes before other shoppers. I felt like Charlie in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as I waited outside the door this morning with the other winners!

This shop is tiny but it is filled with treasures. I filled two bags today and came home with  jeans, sweaters, shoes, boots, tee shirts and a great jacket! A whole new wardrobe. For this bargain shopper, it was the deal of the season!

I love to stop in all year long because I can always find something new. Restocking has begun for Spring and I can’t wait to stop by and see what’s waiting for me to scoop up next!


My treasures from today!!

Visiting Grammy


The last time I went to visit grandma was on January 14th. The day she came home from the rehab facility. I am sad to admit that but time got away from us. At first, it was the illness running rampant at our school. I was scared to bring it to her house. Then, it was just life getting in the way. I have talked to her and Gigi, her caretaker, and checked in  but haven’t gotten there.

It is too cold for her to go out so we brought dinner to her. My dad, brothers, sister and her family went. She was in one of her “story telling moods” which I love. We were talking a bit about her possibly moving into a smaller home. She said there was no place that could hold all of her furniture. Drew jokingly told her, “we’ll take your couch from the den.” We love that couch. It is from 1938 from some ‘fancy schmancy’ place in NYC. It has been reupholstered a few times but is still as comfy as I remember from when I was a kid and we weren’t allowed to sit on it! Gram shouted, “no one gets any of my furniture until I am dead!” Then she laughed – but I think she was serious!

She is always happy to smile for the camera, so the kids jumped in for a photo tonight.


Snow Day


Today’s photo prompt was GUILTY PLEASURE. As a teacher, I love a good snow day once in awhile so I guess my guilty pleasure is admitting that I enjoy it as much as the kids do! Although this time, I didn’t have to wear my pajamas inside out and backwards or sleep with a spoon under my pillow to make it happen. I didn’t need to this time because with this storm’s anticipated totals and wind gusts, we actually got the call last night! That rarely happens. No alarms to set, no early morning phone call to wake us.

In the end, we probably wound up with about eight inches. Not too much, but just enough. The wind has been brutal though. Normally on a snow day, you would find me outside taking lots of photos but other than shoveling and walking Emmy Lou (who hates it) I have not ventured outside much. The sun did peek out a bit for awhile but not for very long. During that time a huge flock of tiny birds filled my backyard. They were so noisy you could hear them above the wind. I knew they’d have trouble finding food today so I broke up some crackers and threw them into the snow.

I tried hard to get photos of them but couldn’t get close enough without scaring them away. They weren’t pretty colors and blended into the branches, but they were super cute. It was too cold to go out onto the lawn to try for more so this is the best I could do.

As of now, school is on for tomorrow. I wonder if we will have a delayed opening…




Word of the day, ORANGE.  According to several websites I searched, it is one of the worst colors to paint a bedroom. Words like, jarring, and stimulating  are just a few of the words I came across. Yet our bedroom? It is orange. Dave’s favorite color. We painted it 15 years ago when we moved into this house. Dave and I came to the agreement that if I chose the downstairs colors, he could choose our bedroom. Seemed fair.

When I tell people my bedroom is orange, I am sure they assume burnt orange or peach…but then I tell them orange. Like the fruit. People seem surprised but actually, I like it. Yes, it is bright. Very bright, which is a good thing ,considering the poor lighting in our old house. We always thought we’d accessorize. I imagined going to Home Goods and buying lots of pillows, comforters and window treatments. Well, in fifteen years, that still hasn’t happened. We did buy a cream colored Oriental carpet that has beautiful shades of oranges and turquoise in it, but the accessorizing ended there. Unfortunately plenty of other home improvement projects had to come first…and are still coming.

For now, we will continue to hide the holes in the walls with hockey jerseys and cover the peeling kitchen counters with packing tape. When the bathroom wallpaper from 1940 began falling in the bathroom last year, I decided to fix it myself – only to reveal more holes and cracks in the plaster walls. My summer project put on hold, so instead, the partially patched up walls greet us everyday.  Those walls, brown and spotted from 70 years of wallpaper glue are pretty ugly to look at each day, so honestly, the bright orange bedroom is a welcome site!

The photo is an actual shot of a wall in our bedroom, at night, poor lighting…the photo cannot ev

An old video…


Drew stayed home sick today. Not sure if he was truly sick, over tired or something else, but hopefully his day of rest has him ready for the rest of the week. While he was home today he found an old video camera. On it, were a few very short videos of my mom at Christmas. The “amateur filming”by Drew, isn’t the greatest and although I am not sure how many years ago it was, seeing it seemed like yesterday! I wanted to share it here, but it won’t support the video so you will have to catch it on my facebook page instead.