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Fortune Cookies


Last week we ate dinner at my grandmother’s house.  We ordered Chinese food. We always eat it family style and have a little bit of everything.  At the end of each meal, there are always fortune cookies.  Personally, I don’t like the taste of them, but I still take one each week so that I can get my fortune.  I love when they actually mean something to me.  My grandma can’t read them herself so we always read her the fortune.

The cookie she chose this time had a fortune that made us laugh, “Read a novel and learn more about life.” Her 100 year old eyes cannot see well enough to read anymore but also, at her age, I think she’s learned a lot more about life than any of us and more than many of us could even find in a book.

We love her stories, we love spending time with her and hearing her stories.  Sometimes they are even better than a novel!

Ravioli and Dreams


Tonight, Dave and I took the boys to my grandma’s for dinner.  Usually, during the week, my dad and brother’s go at least once or twice a week and join her.  My own family catches up with her on the weekend. Our weeknights are usually so busy it is hard to get there but since my dad and brothers are away, we decided to go and give her some company and join her for dinner.

Dave made his awesome red sauce and we had a big batch of his Vodka sauce left over so we brought that over along with some delicious homemade ravioli from Campy Ravioli. Gram loves pasta so we knew she’d enjoy it, and she did!

She was a chatterbox at dinner tonight. She was telling us about her dreams she has been having.  She said, “I keep dreaming of all of my dead friends!”  All I kept thinking about was that scene from Titanic when Rose dies and sees everyone from the ship as she walks up the stairway on her way to meet Jack.  Dave of course laughed along with me when I told him that but…..

She also told us of a dream she had – she THINKS was a dream, about a little girl who was standing in her bedroom with her back to her.  She wouldn’t tell her who was ans she wouldn’t turn around so that she could see her.  Gram said, she got up to go to the bathroom and when she got back, the little girl was gone.  A ghost? A dream?  Who was this little girl?

She doesn’t seem bothered by any of the dreams, whereas, I sit and try to interpret every dream wondering what they mean, she just nonchalantly told us about it.  In less than six months, she will turn one hundred years old.  If she is dreaming about all the people who have come into her life, she’s got a lot of dreaming left to do!!!

Of course….this is coming from the lady who on Sunday, while I was sitting with her in the kitchen, saw about ten deer run through her backyard. She yelled out, “Those damn sheep! If I catch one of them, I am going to shoot it and eat it!!”  Must have been those delicious lamb chops she ate for dinner the night before!!


Heritage, the first photo prompt for March. This is not a new photo.  Not even one I took myself, but I played around with it in photoshop, cropping and turning to black and white.

This family all started with her.  Grammy – who will be 100 years old in September.  This photo is from her 95th birthday.  As much as the family that could make it, gathered at Skytop in Pennsylvania, in August of 2010 to celebrate her.  Now, five years later, we are trying to plan her 100th birthday celebration.  Trying to figure out how to fly in her grandchildren and great grandchildren from all over the world so that we can do a huge celebration once again.  Something that she can handle.  She’s not as spry as she once was and her hearing is not great…although sometimes she hears a lot more than we think she does…

There is talk of a family cruise headed north towards Canada.  Something that can leave from New Jersey so she doesn’t have to fly anywhere.  Organizing more than forty people to get in one place at the same time won’t be easy, but it isn’t often that you turn 100!!!



99 birthday

On September 3, my grandma will turn 99 years old.  She still lives in her home with a caretaker and other than some aches and pains, she is still pretty “with it.”   She has three sons, two who live within ten miles of her and one who lives quite far away – in Alaska! Her ten grandchildren are spread are scattered around as well.  Six of us live with our families in New Jersey, again, within ten miles of her. Two live in Nevada and two in Alaska.  Between all of us she has fifteen great-grandchildren and one on the way.

Having relatives spread across the country means she will be getting to celebrate her birthday several times this year.  I guess being nearly a century old means you deserve it!  Tonight, a bunch of us got together at Gram’s house to celebrate with some of our cousins who are here from Nevada. They have been here for a week and we are so sad to see them go, but hopefully they’ll be back next year for her 100th!  That’s the plan, for all of us to meet up next summer. It will take a lot of planning to get all of our schedules synched but if we start planning now, we might just be able to make it happen.  I know that Gram doesn’t want anything too big but even celebrating with just our family there could be fifty people or more!

For now, we focus on her 99th.  Small celebrations all summer long will keep her happy.  More cousins arrive in August for another celebration.  We can’t wait!