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Robin Williams

robin williams

Today, along with millions of other people, I am mourning the loss of the great Robin Williams.  A man who’s death shocked the world.  Everything about him seemed to personify happiness and he seemed so full of life. Leaving the world this way seems an unthinkable contradiction.  For a man who filled so many people with laughter, it is so hard to understand that behind that facade, he was faced with so many demons.  Depression, drugs, alcoholism.  On the outside he wore a smile and seemed to have it all, yet inside he was fighting a battle everyday.

I just looked through his list of works on IMDB and counted at least 18 movies that I watched him in.  That doesn’t even count the television shows.  I think I watched every episode of Mork and Mindy before I was even twelve years old and then over and over again in reruns!  He brought laughter to my home as a child and he continued to do so with my own children.

I knew that I wanted to write about him today, but wasn’t sure exactly how to do it.  I decided that since he was a man of so many words, I would approach it by using words from his own movies.  He was known for so much of his comedic work, but there were also so many profound and unforgettable quotes regarding death and loss as well.

Patch Adams,“What’s wrong with death sir? What are we so mortally afraid of? Why can’t we treat death with a certain amount of humanity and dignity, and decency, and God forbid, maybe even humor. Death is not the enemy gentlemen.” 

Goodwill Hunting, “Real loss is only possible when you love something more than you love yourself.”

Jumangi, “What, are you crying? You don’t cry, all right? You keep your chin up. Come on, keep your chin up. Crying never helped anybody do anything, okay? You have a problem, you face it like a man.”

What Dreams May Come, “A whole human life is just a heartbeat here in Heaven. Then we’ll all be together forever.”

Night at the Museum, “Some men are born great, others have greatness thrust upon them.”

Awakenings, Read the newspaper. What does it say? All bad. It’s all bad. People have forgotten what life is all about. They’ve forgotten what it is to be alive. They need to be reminded. They need to be reminded of what they have and what they can lose. What I feel is the joy of life, the gift of life, the freedom of life, the wonderment of life!”

Mrs. Doubtfire, “…But if there’s love, dear… those are the ties that bind, and you’ll have a family in your heart, forever. All my love to you, poppet, you’re going to be all right… bye-bye. 

 Aladdin, Aladdin “So, three wishes. I want them to be good. What would you wish for?” Genie, “Me? No one’s ever asked me that before. Well, in my case. Ah, forget it.” Aladdin, “What?” Genie, “No, I can’t I…” Aladdin, “Come on, tell me.” Genie, (sigh), “Freedom.”

Perhaps now, he gotten his wish.