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The Day After Halloween


As a teacher, I find it very hard to like the day after Halloween.  In fact I find myself gearing up for it as I brave the day each year!  Many of the children come in loaded up on Halloween candy and exhausted from a late night out trick or treating long past their bedtimes!  I joke that “The Day After Halloween” should be a national holiday, where everyone has a chance to recover from Halloween overload!!  Some of the kids have eaten more candy in one night than they eat all month!  I myself, have eaten way more chocolate than I would normally consume in a sitting – and there are still two huge bowls filled with it on the dining room table!  How often are there unlimited amounts of candy just sitting there waiting to be eaten?  In our house at least, not very often!  This could get dangerous!

I tried to keep today low key at school, but still with our well needed regular routine.  Most of the kids were coming down off a Halloween hangover and needed the structure, yet some down time was necessary too.  Fortunately it is a Friday so we all have the weekend to recover!  By the end of the day, all of us were ready for a break!  The week long build up of Halloween, with the culmination of the big event, followed by a long day of learning wiped us all out.  I think we are all ready for a break as we recover so that we can rally and all be back to normal on Monday!!