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An Inspiration


About a month ago, my cousin Jody sent me a message asking me if I’d be available to do a charitable photography event.  It was a fundraiser for The Christopher Reeve and Dana Reeve Foundation and Team LeGrand. I jumped at the opportunity!

A friend of Jody’s, Michael Elchoness, was turning forty and instead of having a big party for himself, he decided to raise funds for the foundation.  The party was on Tuesday night.  He invited about 100 guests to celebrate at Martini’s Bistro and Bar  in Millburn, New Jersey.  His friend, Eric LeGrand was there and he was honored by the town of Millburn that night with a proclamation by the mayor.

All of Michael’s guests paid a fee to attend the party, there was an auction with sports memorabilia from The NY Giants, Mets and Yankees tickets and an exclusive martini tasting presented by Grey Goose, Tito’s, and Skyy Vodka.  The proceeds from the evening went to support the foundation and towards helping to find a cure to end paralysis.  The food and drinks served by Martini’s was delicious and flowed all night long.

Eric spoke so eloquently that evening. He said that Christopher Reeve used to say that one day all wheel chairs will be empty.  He said that Christopher Reeve started something and he intends to finish it.

It was an honor to be there photographing the event.  I spoke to Eric and to his lovely mom Karen.  They were charming and their huge personalities filled the room with laughter.  Guests served him drinks and food all night long.  There was great music provided by DJ Yoshi, the official DJ of Rutgers.  12 years old, Jack Simon, was treating guests to some amazing magic tricks.  Even Eric was impressed!!  At the end of the evening, Jack had been given tips from many of the guests.  He donated that money to the foundation.  A big move for a kid his age!

Eric is becoming the “new face” of The Christopher Reeve Foundation.  A face that younger generations will recognize.  His BELieve foundation is helping to spread the word about spinal cord injuries.  His positive spirit is an inspiration to all.