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Love is…

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

25 years ago tonight, was the night Dave asked me to marry him. It was a Friday night. He drove 250 miles to Washington, DC, where I was in school at American University. I was a senior. We’d been together since high school so even though we were only 22, we thought nothing of how young we were. Nowadays, people remark on how we were crazy to have gotten engaged so young, and I am sure back then there were many who doubted that it would last, but here we are…all these years later and I am still in love with my best friend.

I guess I kind of knew it when we met even in high school. He became my best friend the day I met him. People joked with us about how funny it would be if Claire Gianni married Dave Sinclair – she’d be forever known as Claire Sinclair. We just laughed about it but sure enough, that’s who I am!

Since that day, we have never really done anything big for Valentine’s Day. I don’t like flowers, they never last long enough. Chocolate is always a treat but often Lent falls right around the same time and I always give it up so I can’t eat it. Sometimes we’ll go out to dinner but usually we keep it simple with just a card or a sweet message to each other.

This morning, Dave gave me a gift. After we promised NO gifts this year. It was a big bag filled with my favorite treats and sweets. Tea, kind bars, chocolate, cliff bars, caramel corn…all things I love. I guess after 25 years, he really does know me!




best friends

Today, I spent the afternoon with my best friend Kelly.  We were celebrating the First Holy Communion of her youngest son Tommy.  I haven’t seen Kelly in awhile.  We live so close, but sometimes go months without getting together.  We talk and we text and “chat” on Facebook, but getting together in person is hard when we both have work and kids to juggle.  There is no excuse for it, and every time we do get together, it is as if no time has passed.  I guess that’s what makes us best friends.

Yesterday, I wrote how we need to step back, put down our phones and have more “in person” conversations.  I feel as if I am totally contradicting myself, because if it weren’t for social media, we’d never find time to catch up.  Today, we got to do just that though.  We spent a few hours together in person, and it just made me crave it even more!  With summer approaching, maybe we will find some time to settle down and meet up more often.  We always say we will do it, we just have to make it happen!!

Thanks for a great day Kelly.

Rained Out

smile in rain

Today started out hot and sunny.  Drew was bat boy for The Newark Bears again.  My best friend Kelly was meeting us at the game with her kids.  It seemed like it was going to be a perfect day.  I have not seen Kelly in a few weeks since she started her new job.  Not even a half hour into the game, rain began to fall.  Very slowly at first so the game went on until it started to pour.  Then came the thunder and lightening.  It was by far one of the biggest storms we have had in awhile.  Kelly waited around for awhile, but it did not look like it was about to let up.  She decided to head out with her kids while we waited for an announcement telling us whether or not the game would be played.  Drew would have to stay anyway, so we hung out in a dry area for awhile.

Finally an announcement was made that the game would be canceled.  Drew was upset because he only has one more game left in the season.  I was sad because I finally had the chance to sit and catch up with Kelly and that did not work out.  We drove home through torrential rain and I joked with DJ asking him if he wanted to practice driving.  We could barely see a few feet in front of us and the highway had flooding along the shoulders.  I have not seen rain like this in quite some time!

The kids were hungry and I had to go to the grocery store.  We parked and ran through the parking lot.  I could not help but smile as I watched the boys splash in the puddles like little kids.  We were soaked by the time we reached the store and then were freezing the whole time we were in the air conditioned store.  It was almost comical, seeing the boys with their hair soaking wet.  I cannot even imagine what I looked like as my soaking wet hair stuck to my face.

The minute we got home, the boys put on their pajamas.  It was the middle of the afternoon!  I cannot even remember the last time the three of us spent an afternoon like that.  Right now, chili is simmering on the stove, my brothers are coming for dinner and the kids are hoping that they’ll stay and turn the night into a “family game night”.  Perhaps the rain that made our day so miserable earlier in the day, turned out to be a blessing.  With only a few more days until school is back in session and the pressures of homework, sports and other commitments taking up our weekends, it was a day we were forced to sit back, do nothing and enjoy it.

Best Friend

best friend

Today is International Women’s Day,  a day that has been observed since in the early 1900’s.  Every year on  March 8, thousands of events are held throughout the world to inspire women and celebrate achievements.  So in honor of this day, I decided to reflect on an important woman in my life – my best friend Kelly. The title of “best friend” is a big term to give to someone.  It is about commitment.  It involves balance, trust and understanding that lasts through decades and life changes

I am lucky to have had the privilege of having Kelly as my best friend for over 20 years.  We have shared so many life events; our marriages, birth of our children, new homes, career changes, new pets – I could not imagine going through any of these without having her being a part of them.   She was with me in the delivery room during the birth of my second son until my husband was able to arrive from his job in the city.  That was the day that she told my mom that she too was pregnant with her first child.  There are now five children between the two of us and I could not imagine my life without her in it.  She is the godmother to my youngest son, and I am for her daughter.

We listen to each others problems and we make an effort to see each other as often as possible.  We are lucky enough to live fairly close to each other and juggling our family schedules is not easy, but even when weeks go by without seeing one another, when we do meet up, it is like no time has passed.  We talk, text, email and Facebook all of the time, but actually making the time to spend time together is something we really make an effort to do.

Kelly just graduated from nursing school and did this all while raising three young children, managing a household, carpooling and making it to most of her children’s sporting events!  I am so proud of her and I admire what she is doing with her life.

My only regret in our friendship is that I did not meet her sooner!