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Rock of Ages

rock of ages

My cousin Aimee and her boys are visiting from Nevada.  My boys have been so excited because the boys are 15 and love sports as much as mine do.  They are here for a few lacrosse tournaments on the East Coast and since so many of us live here, they turned it into a visit with us as well.  One of their tournaments was in Pennsylvania and DJ went for the ride to watch a game and to do the “East Coast College Tour” with them.  One of the schools the boys are very interested in is Princeton so they stopped there on the way back from the tournament.  Villanova and Haverford were also stops along their way.  They have some down time before their next tournament in Boston, so the boys have been spending a lot of time together.

One of my other cousins, Jason, who lives here in New Jersey is a professional drummer.  Along with teaching drums, one of his jobs is a fill-in for the drummer in the Broadway show, “Rock of Ages.”  In the few years he’s been doing it, I haven’t gotten to see him play.  Because it is not a permanent spot, we don’t know when he will be playing until last minute and often it didn’t work with our schedules.  Plus, one of the reasons I rarely get to a Broadway show is because of how expensive it is. Over the weekend, Aimee had mentioned that she hoped he’d get called to play while she was here so that she could see him.  Chances seemed pretty slim since there was such a small time frame, but on Sunday, he sent us a message that he was called to play.  My aunt Dale, (his mom) and another cousin Lisa, (his sister) wanted to go too.  Trying to get four tickets all together for the show with such short notice wasn’t easy!  We decided to splurge and grab the only four seats that were left together and go!

And so, we headed into the city last night.  My aunt drove.  Aimee is not used to NYC traffic.  Neither am I actually.  Despite living less than thirty minutes from the city, I never do the drive in.  I hate traffic and will find another way to get there if I can and having the train right in our town gives us that choice.  We chose to drive last night because it was a late show and we didn’t want to have to worry about train schedules coming home.  Well, Aimee sure got her share of traffic last night!  The Lincoln Tunnel seemed to moving pretty smoothly until we jinxed it by stating how well it was moving along, and what should have taken three minutes to get into the tunnel, took more like forty.  At least being stuck in a car together gave us plenty of time to catch up with each other.

Once we were in the city, the pedestrian traffic was worse than the cars!  I have driven in the city once.  ONCE!  I will not do it again if I don’t have to, but Dale did a great job.  She got us to a parking lot right next to the theater and we even had enough time to grab something to eat at Junior’s before the show.

The show was playing at The Helen Hayes Theater.  We sat in the mezzanine because in order to see Jason, we needed to be up high.  The show was amazing!  We laughed, sang and clapped through it all.  For an 80’s music fan like myself, hearing and singing along with songs from Styx, Journey, Bon Jovi, Whitesnake, Asia, Twisted Sister and so many more, was “like totally rad!” The costumes were great and I can’t wait to go and see it again and bring Dave back with me.  He’s as much of an 80’s fan as I am and I am sure he will agree that it is “totally bitchin’.”

A Monday Night Wedding

love story

Last night I attended the wedding of two friends.  Yes, last night.  A Monday evening.  That’s what happens when you work on Broadway and a large number of the guests do too.  Monday night is an off night for shows so it was the perfect night Julia and Doreen to tie the knot.

I have known them for years.  Not only was I lucky enough to teach their two daughters Olivia and Ruby, but their son Cooper attended Camp Maple where I work in the summer.  These women never fail to amaze me.  Their three beautiful children all have special needs of varying degrees.  This doesn’t phase them in the least.  They take it all in stride.  I don’t think I have ever seen either of these women break a sweat. As Cooper demanded to stand between the two of them during the entire ceremony instead of letting them stand side by side, what did they do, they put their arms around him while they joined hands behind him.

This is so typical.  When Olivia needed a break from the mayhem of the reception back at the house, the two of them left their guests to tend to her before getting back to the party.

Doreen and Julia met 16 years ago while Doreen was touring with a Broadway show.  They went to St. Louis where Julia was working.  Doreen continued to act while Julia was a  stage hand. During their years together they have fostered about 12 children and adopted the three lovely ones I have had the opportunity to work with.   These two women make me laugh whenever I am with them.  I have never met a more caring and devoted family.

As I was taking photos during the ceremony last night, I could not help but focus on the looks of love and respect on the faces of everyone there.  The love was apparent everywhere I looked.

Julia is leaving for 7 weeks soon to be the production supervisor for the tour of Motown the musical. They wanted to do this before she left.  While she is gone, Doreen will hold it all together on the homefront.  They’re a team.  A well oiled machine and I for one admire them.