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Heritage, the first photo prompt for March. This is not a new photo.  Not even one I took myself, but I played around with it in photoshop, cropping and turning to black and white.

This family all started with her.  Grammy – who will be 100 years old in September.  This photo is from her 95th birthday.  As much as the family that could make it, gathered at Skytop in Pennsylvania, in August of 2010 to celebrate her.  Now, five years later, we are trying to plan her 100th birthday celebration.  Trying to figure out how to fly in her grandchildren and great grandchildren from all over the world so that we can do a huge celebration once again.  Something that she can handle.  She’s not as spry as she once was and her hearing is not great…although sometimes she hears a lot more than we think she does…

There is talk of a family cruise headed north towards Canada.  Something that can leave from New Jersey so she doesn’t have to fly anywhere.  Organizing more than forty people to get in one place at the same time won’t be easy, but it isn’t often that you turn 100!!!



pickl bag

Most people are probably tired of hearing me write about chloe and isabel already, but I am working hard to build up a “clientele” and until I do, I need to saturate my Facebook and blog about it!!  Today’s photo prompt was, Anticipation and I have been anticipating the arrival of this.  My new “Pikle Bag”.  It as small as a makeup bag, but is filled with sturdy plastic inserts that I have filled with smaller pieces of c+i jewelry so that I can have a party on the go anytime, anywhere.  I will just keep it in my purse and pull it out whenever someone asks about it.

I have already been a walking advertisement for the company, wearing at least two pieces everyday everywhere I go.  I am beyond my goal for the month.  I surpassed what I could never could have imagined! Now…I have TWO days left in my “fast start” and am only $200 away from reaching $5000 in sales in less than 2 months!  It is amazing and I am so happy to have such supportive friends and family.

Now… it is time for me to extend my c+i to even more people.  Please check out my boutique.  I would love for you to become a customer of mine.  I offer incentives all of the time!!  If you live close to me, we could do an in person party.  If you are farther away, consider an online pop-up.  If you just want to treat yourself with something special….shop with my direct link, http://www.chloeandisabel.com/boutique/clairesinclair#53324

Like my Facebook page, chloe and isabel with claire sinclair  I post specials there all of the time.

Thanks for letting me get the word out.  Share this and spread the word. 🙂


Cynics and non-believers of “signs” should just stop reading now because I don’t want to know the logical reason behind this. I love getting signs from my mom and they come so rarely that when they do, I just want to keep them as small reminders that she is thinking about me and watching over our family.

I usually keep my ipad on my bedside table but for some reason on Thursday night, I left it downstairs next to my computer.  When I came downstairs, Friday morning, I did my usual routine, breakfast, answering emails, Facebook….and the ipad just sat there idly.  I do all of that on my computer.  I didn’t even look at the ipad until right as I was walking out the door to go to work, and only then because it lit up with a message.

There are always alerts on it, Words With Friends, Facebook messages, texts, but one stood out.  It was from 8:05pm – while I was still downstairs but an alert didn’t come through then. It said I had a “Facetime Call” from Ellie Gianni.  My mom.

I tried swiping the screen to see where the call came from and the message was gone when I went to it.  I put my mom’s name into my contacts and her number came up as my parent’s home phone.  I still have her name in my contacts, but whenever my dad calls me, it comes up as “Mom and Dad.” Never as Ellie.  PLUS, it could not have been a Facetime call from her home phone.

I sent a message to all of my siblings and my dad to see if any of them had been playing around with my mom’s old phone.  My dad has kept it, but it is in a drawer and not charged.  None of them had.  I asked my dad what time he had called me the night before and he told me it was around 9pm.  Still FACETIME??? How did that came up and where did it go?  There is no record of it on my regular iphone either.

My brother told us that on that same night, he had a vivid dream about my mom.  We were all at a restaurant, an old favorite of her’s, and she was telling him something.  He doesn’t know what it was that she was trying to say.

Drew took a screen shot of it.  Just so I could save it.  Still don’t know what mom was trying to tell me, but today’s photo prompt is Indsitinct, which means, not easily seen, heard, or recognized : not distinct or clear. 

Well, this could not be any more indistinct – so even though it is not a great picture, I am using it because it is something I don’t want to forget.



I know I shouldn’t complain about the cold weather here in New Jersey.  My uncle lives in Fairbanks, Alaska where it has been negative 40 degrees for days, but I don’t live in Alaska and I never will!!! In New Jersey, we expect some cold days.  That is one of the greatest thing about living here.  We get to experience all four seasons in their glory! I can’t stand this though. It has been so long since it has been warm!

Today, the “Capture your 365” photo prompt was Depth of Field. A difficult one to find something I could also write about, but from what I understand, the photo challenge is to get photographers really thinking about their shots.  I looked around the house wondering what to shoot because there was no way I was going outside! I found these shells that Drew had collected while we were in Hilton Head last April.  It made me think of the beach and warmth and wound up photographing beautifully.  I took so many photos, focusing on the intricacies of each shell, never realizing how beautiful and individual each one was.

This photo captures the huge one he found laying on the beach one morning while we were watching the sunrise.  Inside of it was a tinier one that nestled in perfectly.  I turned it to black and white just to enhance the details of the shell. This might not be exactly, “Depth of field” but it was my favorite.  I might even frame it!

For about fifteen minutes, as I photographed them, I actually wasn’t cold anymore.  Only a month or so until Spring!  I cannot wait!!


Ice Storm

Blurred Backgrounds is the prompt for today.  Although I don’t like it much, snow and ice are some of my favorite things to photograph because they make for such beautiful photos. I was worried about having my camera out for too long today because of the frozen rain, but I still took a lot of them.  I have a bunch of favorites, including one that Drew took of my hair frozen into icicles. Since I didn’t actually take that photo though, I chose this one instead.


School was canceled again which gave Dave and me time to get ourselves up to the hospital to visit my dad.  He was just on his way out for a bone scan so we had a lunch “date” in the hospital cafeteria while we waited.  We stayed with dad for a few hours but still no results from the scan so we left because the roads were really getting unsafe.  He’s in good spirits and the antibiotics are working on his pneumonia which is a good thing.  Hopefully a few more days of healing at the hospital and he will be on his way home.


Heart, the photo prompt for today. It wasn’t easy getting a photo for this one on my phone.  I took one of the white board in my dad’s hospital that had a cute heart drawn on it – but didn’t love the shot.  I took this one too.  Don’t love it but it tells the story.

heart stuff

These are some monitors on my dad’s chest. He is still in the hospital. The good news is, dad’s heart seems healthy. The bad news is his lungs are filled with Pneumonia.  He is still on oxygen but his fever is down and his spirits are better.  He needs a few more tests and won’t be going home for at least a few more days.  It is probably best this way since another snow storm is heading our way and he’s being monitored and watched closely.

So….we will wait to hear what comes next.  I know he appreciates all your love and prayers.  So do we.

One Done

This year, when I decided to continue writing my blog, I chose to approach it a little differently.  I had found a Photo Challenge and since I had just gotten my new camera, I thought it would be a great way to incorporate the photography and blog into one.  I wasn’t sure if I liked it…and to be honest, some of the prompts were tough!  It has definitely forced me to take at least one photo a day though!

On January 1st I said I would stick it out for the month and make a decision on the 31st whether or not I’d stick to the photo part of the blog.  I realized, that it was very easy to keep writing because the prompts are really open ended.  I got “stuck” way less often when unsure about to write about.  Even Drew and Dave got curious about the prompt for the day.

February’s list is up.  I am up for another month of the photo challenge.  As long as I can keep thinking of things to relate the prompts to, I will keep on doing it!!

The idea behind the photos, for “real photographers” is to learn more and become more creative.  For me, I am taking it a bit differently.  For example, #22 last month was Color Blocking which I learned was a type of creative way of shooting photos.  I used it differently and wrote about Martin Luther King and Kindergarten.

I have already looked ahead and seen some of February’s prompts and some of them look tough.  We will see how it goes.  Today’s prompt was One Done.  One month down.  It was fun.