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Balance – Or Lack Thereof….

Balance – What a perfect word for today’s photo prompt.  I woke early this morning to rain hitting the windows in my bedroom.  I had taken Emmy Lou for a late walk last night and she slept downstairs.  Her usual place at the bottom of my bed was empty and I actually wound up sleeping until 7 am! Late for me.  Since Em was still sleeping downstairs on her pillow, I was able to shower and get dressed before she needed her morning walk.


Around 8, I got her bundled into her raincoat and we headed out the front door.  One step onto the slate steps and down we both tumbled, losing our balance on the sheet of ice that deceived us as we stepped out the door.  I had definitely chosen the wrong boots for the day choosing style over practical!  I had no idea that the rain had created a layer of ice coating absolutely everything.  We both picked ourselves up and attempted to walk down the sidewalk, making it about ten steps before we were both down on the ground again.  Her little paws couldn’t get a grip on the ground.  We even attempted walking on the grass which wasn’t much better.  She wanted to get back inside even more than I did but she couldn’t get herself back up the icy steps.  Her little paws had no traction and I had to kneel on the bottom step in order to lift her to the top before crawling up the rest myself.

I changed into safer boots, got the pet safe ice melt and sprinkled it all over the front steps and sidewalk before coming back inside to turn on the news to see how long this unexpected freeze was going to last.  Road closures, accidents, reports of dangerous conditions are all the top stories. All over Facebook friends are reporting how dangerous the roads are and how many of them are stranded, leaving their cars parked while attempting to walk home which was not much safer.

I am supposed to have my first chloe + isabel party at my best friend’s house today.  I had been looking forward to this for weeks.  She had invited so many people, it was bound to be a huge success.  So far, we have postponed it just until later in the day when temperatures are supposed to rise significantly.  Fingers crossed that it works out and we can still have it, but better to be safe so we will see how it goes in the next few hours.

Stay safe out there.