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Feeding So Many

feed just one

A few days ago, I read on Facebook that one of our local food pantries was in dire need of donations for the upcoming weekend’s food handouts.  The shelves were nearly bare.  The post shared by many in our community, “went viral!” Well, as viral as it can go in our two towns, but the response was huge and the pantry shelves were filled in just a few days.

Unfortunately, after Saturday’s handouts, those shelves will be empty again.

After the Facebook thank yous and a celebration of a job well done, someone in one of the groups where it was first shared, suggested that a Facebook page be created for just this need.

I decided to take it on. With the help from a few friends, “Feed SOMany” was created. Our two towns are, South Orange and Maplewood, (SOM).  Dave came up with the clever name. I have to give him credit for that one! He’s creative with that sort of thing. Much more than I am!

The idea of the group, is to keep people informed of the needs of each pantry. To announce food drives around town and to let others know of collection dates for each pantry. Sometimes, all it takes is a small reminder and the goal of this group is to do just that!

One woman posted this morning, that Shop Rite is holding its Can Can Sale right now. A perfect time to stock up on those most needed staple items. Exactly what this group has been created for.

Summer is rough for food pantries but people are still hungry. People still need to be fed. A few extra food items in your shopping cart each week, dropped off to the pantries can really help.

If you are a resident of South Orange Maplewood, or a surrounding area, join the group. If not, maybe start your own because no one should ever have to go hungry.


FOOD for thought…

feed the hungry

Tomorrow is our school’s annual 100th Day Food Drive.  We challenge every class to collect 100 items of food by The 100th day and we donate it to two local food pantries.  Last year brought in a lot of food and it is our hope that this year does the same.  Unfortunately with so many snow days and the winter break, collection has been a bit slower than it has in the past.  We are hoping for one big push tomorrow to get the classes to their goal.

In the past we have used large bins for collecting but after a few years of the collections, we have dwindled down to just a few bins and unfortunately those bins are snowed into our garage.  Today, Drew and I went to a convenience store in town to try to buy recyclable shopping bags so that I could give s bunch to each classroom.   I am hoping that they will be stronger and more durable for transporting the food than paper or plastic ones.  I was hoping to get a good deal on them since they were for a community service project.  No such luck at the first store.  They had some but weren’t willing to sell them for less than a dollar and I needed over 100 of them so that wasn’t going to work!

We headed over to the local Pathmark.  I was hoping that if I could speak to a manager, perhaps we’d get lucky.  As we walked in the front door, we passed a bin FILLED to the top with them.  They had Superbowl XLVIII on them and since the Superbowl is over, they were all on clearance!  Twenty cents each.  I brought one to customer service hoping that there was no limit and there wasn’t so Drew and I scooped up all 115 that we needed for only $25!  (I love a bargain!)

Tomorrow is collection day.  I have arranged for volunteers to meet me after school to help transport the food.  I don’t know if we will reach our goal of 100 items per class, but no matter how much we get, it will be a success and I am grateful to everyone who makes this day possible every year.