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You Can’t Please Everyone

you can't please everyone

I was hoping to catch my dad’s doctor at the hospital this morning so Kathi and I went early, around 8 o’clock hoping we’d get to talk to him.  Unfortunately the doctor visited at 6:45 and we missed him.  Both of us had rushed to get there assuming we’d be early enough but we weren’t.  Fortunately my dad is much more alert today and a lot of the questions we had for the doctor, dad remembered to ask so that was good.  He seems to be feeling much better.  I guess the antibiotics must be kicking in.  He told us that the doctor told him he should be out of there in a few more days.

He was alert enough to instruct Kathi and me on how we needed to wrap all of the prizes for the duck races on Monday.  We met up with my Aunt Dale at his house.  Fortunately, as prizes were collected he piled them up on his dining room table so after getting everything in order, the three of us made a pretty good team and for the most part, they are all wrapped and ready to go.  My brother Tim is on a quest to get the few remaining prizes that weren’t dropped off.

When we were done, we discussed all getting together for dinner tonight.  17 of us.  It is challenging enough trying to get just the four of us to decide on one place for dinner so getting 17 to agree wasn’t easy.  My carb-free cousin preferred we skip Italian, my grandma didn’t want the Jewish Deli, Tim wanted to go to an all you can eat buffet, I wanted to “keep it on the cheap side.”

Dale suggested burgers and salads.  That’s easy enough, but finding a place that will accommodate us all was not!  We didn’t even care if it was fast food.  Kathi suggested Smashburger.  Tim wanted 5 Guys.   We were texting back and forth for other opinions, which just made it more confusing.  Gram liked the burger idea, but her caretaker had no idea how to get there.  Tim got angry that we weren’t going with his choice and stormed out of the house.  Ugh!  His temper is almost as bad as my dad’s!  I am as stubborn as him which always leads to arguments.  Kathi and Chip don’t chime in at all when we argue – which is just as frustrating!!

Finally, we have settled on Smashburger.  Will we all be able to sit together, probably not.  I am sure Gram will find something to complain about.  She is nearly 99, I guess she’s entitled….

It is one of those times when a suggestion of doing something small turns into an ordeal~ that makes me crazy!  We haven’t seen Gram all week and thought that taking her somewhere would be good for her.  She’s worried about dad and seeing us all in person letting her know he’s doing well will be good for her.  We won’t let her go and visit.  It will be too much for her.  He’s on a floor filled with sick, germy people.  She doesn’t need to be anywhere near that!  He should be home soon enough and she can visit him then.


Headache Free – will it last?


Today was one of the first days that I was headache free all day, (well mostly all day), a few twinges here and there, but honestly, after the whoppers of headaches I have been having, I felt like a different person today.  I was able to focus completely all day without the distraction of these headaches.  I haven’t been able to give my full effort in kickboxing, though I have continued to go, but tonight, I did all of it.  I forgot how good I could actually feel – that is how long it has been.  This whole weekend I just spent with my roommates, was an enormous amount of fun, but throughout it all, I had a headache.  They were of various degrees of pain, but the entire time it was there.  It made me feel like I wasn’t able to enjoy the time spent with them as much as possible, and it completely frustrated me.  They knew – and were completely sympathetic about it, (as is everyone I know).  Lots of tips and advice and come from everywhere and I appreciate all of it.

Perhaps today is a fluke…or…perhaps it is a new beginning to my old way of life.  Maybe tomorrow, I will go back to having a headache, but knowing how good I feel today, is going to make me put more of an effort in figuring out what is wrong.  The stress and exhaustion that has come from them has really put a damper on my life.  It has even made me a bit depressed and today made me snap out of my slump and feel energized!  I am hoping for a lot more days like today and getting back to my old self!