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Just Do Your Best


We’ve always told out boys that they don’t have to be perfect but they should always do their best. They don’t have to bring home straight A’s as long as they are trying and putting in the effort. The same goes for sports.

The high school in our town does not have a hockey team. A group of parents have been working hard to start a team. This of course has thrilled Drew. For now, they have created a club team that combines three towns. The students are in grades 8-11 – which leads to quite a size range! Drew, although a 9th grader, is one of the smaller players. This doesn’t stop him though. He is not as skilled or as fast as some of the boys who have been playing for years, but he still gets out there and puts everything he has into it. They had their first game tonight and although he didn’t score, he got a few assists and at the end of the game, he was just…happy.

It is just like football. I don’t think I wrote about it on my blog, but last summer, he came to Dave and me and told us he wanted to play football. Of course, we said, no, reminding him of his two concussions. He also never played real football before. He persisted and pestered and finally, we decided to let him try out for the kicker. We never thought he’d make it, but we also knew it was one of the safer positions if he did. Drew, all 90 pounds of him, put every bit of effort into those summer practices. He went everyday, went over and beyond and when it came time to announce the team, he not only made the freshmen team, he made varsity! The coach made a point of telling him and his teammates that he earned it due to the effort he showed each day on the field.

Drew knew he was not the best on the team. He was by far the smallest – the program listed him as 5’3″ and 95 pounds – and that was being generous! He doesn’t care. He put so much heart into those games. He didn’t get into every game, the team had a pretty bad year and so there weren’t a lot of opportunities, but he was still there at every practice and on the sidelines, cheering on the rest of the team whether or not he got in or not.

He has never been a strong student academically, and having sports to keep him motivated has been huge for him. He’s not going to college on an athletic scholarship – we all know that – but he’s having fun and when Drew is happy, everyone is happy.


Football (Soccer) Jerseys…

It feels so good when you can see the results of a lot of hard work. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to volunteer with an organization called, Jerseys from Jersey.  At the end of our fall soccer season, we collect used soccer jerseys, shorts and socks and when we have enough to outfit at least two full teams, we send them to underprivileged countries where they can be used by the children there. I have written about our community collection days before and they are always a big success.

We recently donated hundreds from our last collection to an organization that plans on bringing many of them to Ghana. Today, these photos from an earlier collection, were shared with me. Just another reason to be proud of our community!

Jerseys from Jersey South Sudan 1Jerseys from Jersey South Sudan 2Jerseys from Jersey South Sudan 3Jerseys from Jersey South Sudan 4

Superbowl Sunday

Today is Superbowl Sunday! Although my team is not in it, I still love watching. I have a few boxes in some little pools so I am more concerned with the scores each quarter than I am with the winner – although I am rooting for Atlanta.

There was a photo challenge for today, SOMETHING YOU SMELLED. Perfect for today as we are making what all of my friends jokingly call, “Dave’s Balls.” Mostly because it is funny to say, “are you bringing Dave’s balls to the party?” Truthfully, these famous meatballs were my mom’s recipe. The only difference in the two recipes are that she never made them in a crockpot and we do.

It is the easiest recipe in the world and although the ingredients don’t sound like they’d work well together, they turn into a magically sweet, salty and tangy delicacy that are asked for over and over again! They are simmering in the crockpot now and the whole house smells so good!

My brother has held a Superbowl party for years now and it has become a tradition that we bring Dave’s Balls.  He and Drew went into the city this morning to pick up the Italian sub from Manganaro’s. Another tradition. Sure we have places closer than NYC that we could get a 6 foot sub, but our family, vested in tradition, doesn’t change their ways! The only change this year was to make it a 3 footer rather than the 6, which often goes to waste.

There is so much more food – all appetizer style, my favorite – so we will be nibbling all evening long. Tim and his girlfriend Gina will make most of the food. Everyone else brings along something to share. There is nothing like a little football and party food to bring together family and friends.

5 Something you smell.JPG

Recipe for “Dave’s Balls”

4 Jars of Heinz Chili Sauce

1 Jar Grape Jelly

1 package of frozen meatballs

Add all ingredients in the crockpot.

Set on high for 4 hours.

Stir once or twice while cooking.

Serve with toothpicks.