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Ravioli and Dreams


Tonight, Dave and I took the boys to my grandma’s for dinner.  Usually, during the week, my dad and brother’s go at least once or twice a week and join her.  My own family catches up with her on the weekend. Our weeknights are usually so busy it is hard to get there but since my dad and brothers are away, we decided to go and give her some company and join her for dinner.

Dave made his awesome red sauce and we had a big batch of his Vodka sauce left over so we brought that over along with some delicious homemade ravioli from Campy Ravioli. Gram loves pasta so we knew she’d enjoy it, and she did!

She was a chatterbox at dinner tonight. She was telling us about her dreams she has been having.  She said, “I keep dreaming of all of my dead friends!”  All I kept thinking about was that scene from Titanic when Rose dies and sees everyone from the ship as she walks up the stairway on her way to meet Jack.  Dave of course laughed along with me when I told him that but…..

She also told us of a dream she had – she THINKS was a dream, about a little girl who was standing in her bedroom with her back to her.  She wouldn’t tell her who was ans she wouldn’t turn around so that she could see her.  Gram said, she got up to go to the bathroom and when she got back, the little girl was gone.  A ghost? A dream?  Who was this little girl?

She doesn’t seem bothered by any of the dreams, whereas, I sit and try to interpret every dream wondering what they mean, she just nonchalantly told us about it.  In less than six months, she will turn one hundred years old.  If she is dreaming about all the people who have come into her life, she’s got a lot of dreaming left to do!!!

Of course….this is coming from the lady who on Sunday, while I was sitting with her in the kitchen, saw about ten deer run through her backyard. She yelled out, “Those damn sheep! If I catch one of them, I am going to shoot it and eat it!!”  Must have been those delicious lamb chops she ate for dinner the night before!!