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Vignette, to be completely honest, I had to look up the definition of this one today! This is what I found, a brief evocative description, account or episode. This morning, when I left the house, I wasn’t  sure how I was going to approach this prompt or if I’d even use it tonight.

but then this happened….

During today’s morning meeting in Kindergarten, all of the children were gathered on the carpet.  Just like our typical morning.  It was “calendar time” and suddenly, while we were sitting there, a few of us heard a soft humming sound.  We realized it was coming from the CD player, but no one had turned it on.  I found it odd but just turned it off, but not before noticing that it said 47:09 on it.  The number has no significance to me, (and I am always looking for “signs”.)  We went on with our morning meeting when all of a sudden, a bunch of them began grabbing in the air for a fluff that was gently floating above their heads. It looked like a really large dandelion fluff.  It was HUGE! About the size of a 50 cent piece. It almost looked like a white spider floating through the air.  It is the middle of winter.  I have no idea where it came from.  I snatched it out of the air and brought it over to the trash and threw it away.

Again, always thinking these things mean something, I decided to write down that number from the CD player since it was only minutes later.  Was someone trying to send me a message???  I knew I’d never remember the number otherwise.

Well, as I assumed, I forgot all about it.  Until I went to my mailbox after school and my new batch of Scholastic Readers was in there.  On the front cover was a giant yellow butterfly.  My good luck sign!  I remembered the number from the CD player and decided I’d buy a lottery ticket after school and see what happens..  (I am sure nothing…but one can always hope…)

yellow butterfly scholastic

Four Leaf Clover

4 leaf clover

Today was a beautiful Spring Day.  The perfect temperature, a gentle breeze, exactly what you would think of when you think of Spring! I started my day with a Barre class and wound up being the only one there so it was a private lesson and after nearly two weeks of not being able to get to a class with my dad in the hospital and other commitments, it was a great way to get back into it – thanks Nerissa – I loved class!!

I went to visit my dad in the hospital.  He seems to be recovering a lot more quickly this time.  He had physical therapy today and the woman had him up and walking with a walker.  He got about four rooms down from his own room which is further than he has moved in more than a week.  More PT tomorrow and then we will see what the plan is.  He seemed very pleased about being up and around.

Drew had a soccer game and sitting out in the grass for nearly two hours on this gorgeous day almost made me feel guilty because I wasn’t doing anything.  I sat with a soccer mom friend of mine, Mary.  Her youngest son was sitting with us.  He is in first grade.  At the beginning of the game, Mary mentioned to me that she loved reading my blog and she asked how my dad was doing.  I filled her in on dad and then told her I had just been thinking about the blog because I wasn’t sure what to write about, the glorious weather?  Dad?

When the game was over, her son showed me a three leaf clover he had found in the grass.  I realized that the entire time, I had been sitting on a patch of clovers.  I asked him if he’d ever found a four leafed one and he said no.  I told him neither did I.  An old friend of mine from high school, Holly, finds them regularly.  Almost to the point of it being a joke!  She always posts a picture of them on Facebook and people are always commenting on it.  In my forty-four years, I truly have never found one but today, as I looked down, there was one right by my leg.  A tiny one, but sure enough, it had four leaves on it.  I picked it, took a photo and sent the picture to Holly.  Maybe its my lucky day!?!?  I am headed to a school auction and tricky tray tonight, so I sure hope so!!!

The best part of it all, was when Mary’s son, who I didn’t think had been listening to our conversation said to me, “Well, I guess now you know what you can write about in your blog!”  He was right

“Find a Penny, Pick it Up”

pennies luck

I have decided that on my Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/AProjectForKindness, I am going to try to write one RAK that people can do each day to spread kindness.  Easy things, that are really just meant to provide some happiness to others.  Today’s was, “Leave pennies around, heads up, to provide good luck to those who find them”.  Now, do I really think that finding a penny brings good luck, no, BUT, I always pick them up when I find one, and say the poem out loud:

Find a penny,

Pick it up,

All the day,

You’ll have good luck

Until today, though,  I  did not know that there was more to the poem:

Give it to a faithful friend,

Then your luck will NEVER end!

Even better!!  I love that part and now I can share my luck (wink, wink), with someone else.  Many people believe that finding a penny is considered good luck, but it is of course an old wives tale.  There are some variations to the tale, including the position of the penny when it is found.  Do you pick it up if it is tail side up?  I do not!!  I don’t need any bad luck – bring on the good please!!

I also read that when you find a penny you should thank God for your blessings because it does indeed read, “In God we trust,” so when you find a penny, you should trust that God has placed it in your way for a reason and thank him for your blessings at that moment!  Despite your beliefs, (or not), in God, it is still such a nice sentiment – and just the fact that a seemingly worthless little penny gives you an opportunity to think about what you are grateful for, makes it worth more than you could ever cash it in for!

I filled my pocket with a handful of pennies today and throughout the day, I have left them around as we ran errands with the boys.   Nowhere special, on a sidewalk, on the floor in a store, all over.  If that little penny gives someone an opportunity to feel lucky, or “pass on their luck” to someone else, then it did what I intended it to do.