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10 scruffy.JPGDJ is home for Spring Break. At least for a few days. Tomorrow he leave for Florida with my dad and brothers. Tonight we went to see Grammy for dinner. Although she is doing well for a woman who is nearly 102 years old, her memory is starting to dwindle. She can’t remember my name all of the time but tells me she knows that I am “a person who is very kind to me.” That makes me laugh. She also calls me Dale – my aunt, who is not blood related at all but Grammy thinks we look alike and that’s okay with me!

Tonight, she recognized DJ right away but was very unhappy with the beard he has grown while away. She said,”Why would a good looking man ever grow hair on his face? Good Lord!” which just made everyone laugh. She’s been saying that to my uncle for at least forty years so he’s not alone. When we were leaving she told him to shave it off before the next time she saw him. I guess he has until May to take care of that wish.



On Sunday, when we all gathered at my grandma’s home for Easter, we noticed that she was a bit, “loopy.” Not quite herself and a bit confused.  She is almost 100 though, so we didn’t think much of it.  By Monday morning, she was extremely out of sorts and her caregiver, my dad, aunt and uncle thought it would be best to get her checked out so they brought her to the emergency room just to make sure. Fortunately, it is just a UTI and that is what was causing the confusion – that and being one hundred years old I guess.  They have kept her a few days for observation and she should be going home tomorrow at some point. Today, I went to see her after school and it was interesting to watch. For the most part, she was completely lucid and knew exactly what was going on, where she was and why she was there.  She even yelled at my dad, telling him he needed new shoes because he looked like a hobo in the “ratty ones” he was wearing. The one thing she couldn’t figure out was why my aunt took her back to the wrong room.  They had gone for a stroll in the halls and she thought she was brought back to a different room and the entire time she kept asking us to walk her back.  Even when we showed her the closet filled with her things, she just couldn’t get that clear. She knew she was in a hospital and why she was there, just not in the right room. She loved her dinner, which was fish, broccoli and sweet potatoes but kept asking my dad and I what we were having and why we wouldn’t eat with her.  When I told her that Dave was home making me dinner, she told me how fortunate I was to have a husband who cooked for me, (she’s right.) So she really is, “with it.”  I guess this should be expected at her age.  She gets frustrated with herself and doesn’t like that her body isn’t working the way it should be.  Her hearing aids were working great today and she could hear everything we said, and even talked to my uncle in Alaska on a cellphone – something she usually has a lot of trouble with.  We showed her the family portrait from Easter Sunday and she could even see that clearly and with her bad eyesight, that was a surprise as well. She knows that the whole family is coming this summer to celebrate her birthday and knows enough to “worry” about where everyone will stay while they are here.  We will work that out.  We always do.  It is good to see her thinking clearly….for the most part… I am glad this was something minor and that she is on the mend. We have a lot to celebrate this year and she is the reason for it so we need her around!! ❤ ❤

Cooking With Gram


Today is one of my favorite days of the year.  The day we get together and cook Christmas Eve dinner.  We get all of the sauces done; lobster sauce, clam sauce and mussels marinara.  This year, my cousin Lisa and I documented the whole process through photos.  We are going to put it together with all of the recipes into a cookbook.

Our family has been making the same recipes since before I was born, although throughout the years, some recipes have been tweaked and some deleted, (like the scuingilli – which is not a favorite of mine.)  We are still going to include all the recipes – especially the old ones.  We can’t find any that are written in our Gram’s handwriting but we are doing our best to authenticate them.

Even my grandma was helping out today, taste testing everything for us 🙂 I am not sure when she began making this feast.  She is celebrating her 100th Christmas this year! We can only hope to have her longevity.

Tomorrow, my aunt will go back to Gram’s house and start warming everything up while we go to Christmas Eve Mass.  Then the feast will commence!  Christmas Eve is my MOST favorite night of the year! I am like a little kid when it comes to waiting! 24 hours from now!! The count down begins!

Respecting the Elderly


One of the greatest ways you can spread kindness and help is to spend time with elderly people. It could be a relative, a neighbor, or just someone random out in public.  There are so many ways to offer help to an older person.  You can carry their bags at a grocery store or return their grocery cart for them.  If are out eating at a restaurant and notice an elderly person eating alone, perhaps they are in need of a companion and could be invited to sit with you and talk.  It can be difficult for some elderly people to do chores on their own.  You could help them by preparing meals, running errands, or doing yard work. Offer them your services and give them something to look forward to. Many elderly people are not always open with their needs and might think that they are a bother to other people. Do not wait for them to ask for help.  Just offer and follow through with it.

Visit a retirement or nursing home.  You could call ahead of time and see if there are any residents who do not often get a visitor.  Perhaps the nurses can give you the name of someone that might be in need of a friend who could just stop by to talk.  Kindness does not have to cost anything.  Just your time.  You could make it a routine visit.

With the very cold winter, I have not been able to see my 97 year old grandmother as often as I would like.  We only live five miles apart, but she has not been going out with all of the snow.  Today, there was a turn for the better with the weather.  It is almost Spring-like!!  Who knows how long it will last, but I took advantage of it and gave Gram a call to see if she wanted to join me for dinner out tonight.  Her entire attitude changed after inviting her.  She chose her favorite restaurant and tonight, we will take the time to catch up and enjoy each others company.