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Teamwork = Success

important work at home

After all the worrying about what and how we would make Drew’s Halloween costume this year, we came up with an idea and a plan.  Dave got the paint and the trash bin.  I cut and pasted and created the logo.  Drew dug out his old morph suit and we have a costume!


He is so excited for tomorrow now.  Thank you Pinterest and all of those creative people out there!  He found his idea on there.

His goal is to win a prize in the town parade.  He has never won in the costume parade and although, I am not sure how original it is, or how it can compare to the much more creative people out there, I am so glad to see him so confident and excited about something we made together.

It was fun to work on this as a family.  Fun to see him still want help from mom and dad.  Sometimes it seems like my boys are growing up so quickly!  All of my friends have younger children and I miss those days.  As DJ is busy with his own social life and applying to colleges, and Drew is auditioning for the middle school play and involved in lots of after-school activities, I sometimes feel like I never see them.  This was a great way to find some time to spend together.  Even if he doesn’t win a prize, it was a win for me!

What Do You Give Out for Halloween?

trick or treat

Today, I came across this funny post which was posted by 95.5 WPLJ:

Don’t be THAT GUY… avoid handing out the following candies and RUINING Halloween!!
1. Necco Wafers
2. Anything found in a bowl at an old persons house
3. Charms lollipops
4. Sugar babies
5. Mr. Goodbar
6. Good & Plenty
7. Mounds
8. Raisinets
9. Smarties
10. Chicklets
11. Whoppers
12. Dots
13. Candy buttons

I beg to differ!  If I got a bag filled with Mounds and Whoppers I’d be the happiest kid on the block!!  Dave is all about Mr. Goodbars!  Raisinets are one of my favorite things to mix with popcorn, (sweet and salty) so I wouldn’t have minded those either.

The rest of them, especially #2, I could do without.  When we were kids, my mom always made us give the handfuls of change that we got to our church.  We were those kids, who had to stop trick or treating, to go to mass on the eve of All Saints Day.  We’d empty our pillow sacks of treats and gather up all the money and toss it into the collection basket at mass that night.

Years ago, Dave wanted to be the house that everyone remembered.  The house that gave out FULL SIZE candy bars so he went to Costco, got cases of them and those years, we were that house!  That only happened for a few Halloweens, now we get way too many kids at our house to do that.  Dave still likes to hand out the good stuff.  You’ll always get to choose a chocolatey treat or sweet chewy one if you come to our house.  My kids have been known to come home between trick or treating runs and empty their bags, putting the stuff they don’t like into the give away bowl for another child to choose.

DJ doesn’t go out trick or treating anymore.  Drew and his buddies have their route all planned out already.  He isn’t going to give this up for awhile!

What was your favorite treat to get in your trick or treat bag on Halloween??  Any on the list?

Mixed Emotions on Halloween


For most teachers, Halloween is an exhausting holiday!!  After two years of NO Halloween celebrations at school due to a freak October snowstorm the first year and a hurricane the next, the kids were more excited than ever to celebrate today!  For my kindergarteners, I don’t even know if they remember exactly what Halloween was or what to expect!  They were only three years old the last time we had a “real” Halloween in town.   They came to school filled with excitement for a parade that would not be until the end of the day!  The room was filled with excitement the entire day.

The weather got a little unpredictable about an hour before the parade when it began to rain, but luckily it stayed to a light drizzle and right before the parade began, it stopped!  The kids were so thrilled with their costumes and wore them proudly in the parade waving to their family members as they traveled around the blacktop.  Sweets and treats were waiting for them in the classroom when they returned for goodies and some Halloween stories before heading into town for the big town parade!!

Our town holds an enormous celebration right in the middle of “the village.”  The streets are closed and the merchants stand outside their stores handing out treats to all of the children who stop by.  My dad, being one of the merchants went through nearly 2000 pieces of candy today!  This year, I joined several of the teachers from our district, The South Orange Maplewood Education Association, (SOMEA) went into town and handed out treats as well.  We gave out note pads and lollipops and ran out before the parade even ended!  I think people were just so happy to finally have a Halloween celebration back in town, that it was bigger than usual!

My brother Tim was at the store with my dad.  Tim’s wife Francine passed away in April.   Today would have been her 32 birthday.  This was her absolute favorite day of the year!!  We all thought about her today, knowing how special this day was to her.   Tim spent the morning at the cemetery with Francine’s mom, bringing her balloons and flowers.  He was going to go out with some friends tonight for dinner to keep busy.  It was a sad day for him but I am glad that he came out and spent the day like he always did.  I think it was good for him.

I am sure that Halloween will be a day filled with mixed emotions from now on for my brother.  The town Halloween celebration was always a fun, yet hectic, day for them.  I am sure that he has many fond memories of the Halloween/Birthday celebrations they had together.  Facebook was filled with warm thoughts and wishes for him today.  I hope he knew that no matter how much fun everyone was having, anyone who knew Tim and Francine, had a place in their heart today that held a special spot for them.