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Happy Easter


Today is Easter Sunday.  Here in Hilton Head, you’d never know it was a holiday other than the packed church we attended for mass at Holy Family Catholic Church this morning.  Everything is open.  Restaurants, supermarkets, mini-golf… I guess nothing closes in resort towns.

It was still drizzling and dreary when I woke up this morning.  Everyone else was still asleep so I decided to head out to the beach for my run/walk this morning.  Our condo is less than a five minute walk from it so it was perfect.  It was pretty chilly, especially out on the ocean but although I have been to the beach hundreds of times, I have never actually gone for a run out there.  I felt invigorated running despite the chilly weather.  The workout with C25k is a quick one so I was back in thirty minutes.  Everyone was still asleep so I sat in front of the television and ate my breakfast.

We decided ahead of time that the Easter Bunny was not going to be visiting us here in Hilton Head.  The boys aren’t little anymore and totally understood.  We had decided last night that we’d meet my dad and brothers for mass at 10:00 so everyone got up and got dressed.  Drew had been planning for weeks to wear his new bowtie  and button down shirt -with shorts of course.  He makes us laugh sometimes.  For a kid who is most comfortable in sweatshirts and shorts, he whips out his “inner fashionista” every now and then and certainly makes a statement.

There are only two Catholic churches on the island so we knew it would be crowded.  Evidently, so did Holy Family.  They had masses scheduled every half hour, running in the main church and the main hall.  It was like a factory, but nice to see so many people coming out to celebrate Easter Sunday.

The boys went for a late breakfast with my dad and brothers.  Dave and I headed back home.  He’s making spaghetti and meatballs for Easter dinner.  I worked on getting the computer internet connection working.  We were having some trouble with it, but it is up and working now!!

The sun has come out and although it hasn’t warmed up much past 60 degrees, it is showing signs of a beautiful week ahead!  If we could just get it warm enough to sit out by the pool and ocean, it will be perfect.  Tomorrow we are due for temperatures in the 70’s so that will be a great start.

Have a wonderful Easter Sunday for all those who celebrate.