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Here We Go Again


No photo for today’s blog.  The prompt was Miniature and although I got some photos, it has nothing to do with what I am writing about, so I am skipping them.

This morning started out normal.  I went to work, the boys went to school and Dave went to visit my dad at the rehab center. While he was there, he noticed that he just didn’t seem “right.” He was dozing off while eating and hardly ate anything at all.  The nurse took his temperature and it was 93 degrees.  They took it again, and then another nurse came in to take it.  Each time getting the same reading.  He was brought back to the hospital in an ambulance and Dave spent the next few hours with him in the Emergency Room.  My sister was with him for awhile.  He was wrapped in a heating blanket to bring his temperature back to normal – calling it hypothermia. Many tests have been done but no results yet.

He’s been admitted and we are all waiting to hear what is going on.  Hopefully we will get some results in the morning. He is now in a room just a few doors down from our Aunt Shirley who was also admitted last week.  Between the two of them, and my dad’s brother who was just released from a hospital in St.Martin after his own bout with pneumonia, it has been a long week for this family!!