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Wedding Rings


Twenty-one years ago toady, Dave and I were married. It was an amazing day. There were so many preparations leading up to the wedding. One of the most important ones at the time for us, was picking out out our wedding bands. We didn’t have a lot of money to spend and neither of us are very extravagant so we went towards more simplistic rings. They didn’t match, we didn’t care about that. Instead, we focused on having them engraved with a special message for each other that we wouldn’t read till our wedding day.

On his I had engraved, “Yesterday, today and for all our tomorrows.” On mine Dave had engraved, “Somebody to love for the rest of my life.” Both sentimental and sweet and from the heart. Dave’s ring was a bit loose though so we decided that as soon as we returned from our honeymoon he would get it resized.

We left for our honeymoon the next day. We were staying on the island of Little Dix Bay in the British Virgin Islands. A quiet and remote island. No televisions or telephones. Completely cut off from everything for ten days. It was blissful.

One of those days we ventured by boat to Tortola. We sat along the ocean sipping Piña Coladas when Dave spilled his all over himself. He decided to go rinse off in the ocean. As he shook his hands to shake off the water, he shook his wedding band off as well. Open mouthed, we both watched it sail into the sea. Dave immediately jumped in to find it but with the waves coming in and out, he had no luck. After a few minutes a nice family came by. They had snorkeling gear and saw that we were looking for the ring and gave Dave the mask and joined in the search with us. After about twenty minutes we decided to give up. I, of course was crying. Dave was his usual calm self and told me we’d get a new one and get it engraved again and it wasn’t such a a big deal.

During the wedding ceremony, our rings had been blessed so sobbing, I told him it wouldn’t be the same since it wasn’t blessed. This is the part of the story that people look skeptically at me when I tell it…but jut when I said the part about he ring being blessed, a wave washed the ring right up to where we were all standing. TWENTY MINUTES of waves going in and out and then it appeared. None of us could believe it.

Now, twenty-one years later, neither of us wears our wedding band. I don’t because I wear a ring he gave me for our ten year anniversary in its place. Dave broke his finger about nine years ago and the ring has never fit properly since. He even tried a new band, (not blessed and not engraved) but they just aren’t comfortable for him.

Our wedding bands aren’t what has held our marriage together for all of these years. It is the respect, trust, friendship and love we have towards each other that makes it work. ❤