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Cookie Swapping!

cookie swap

Today was our annual Cookie Swap at school.  Another reason why I love the holiday season.

I have written several times that despite how much I love to cook, I do not like to bake.  Not at all.  I always try to find a simple recipe to make.  This year, I chose to make White Chocolate Caramel Turtle Fudge – mostly because it required no baking.  Only melting.  They turned out great.  So delicious but soooo rich, that they had to be cut into tiny pieces.

With a cookie swap, I only have to “bake” once, but I wind up with dozens of cookies of all varieties.  Then, I share them with my family at all of our get togethers over the next few nights. Tonight we are decorating my dad’s tree so I will bring the cookies along to share.  Then, any left overs will get added to the Christmas Eve dessert platters.

So in the end, even though I don’t like to bake cookies…I do love to eat them…..so this is the way to do it!!