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Today is one of those days where I am struggling to find something to write about. When this happens, I look through quotes that I collect in a folder that I call, “unused but still inspiring…”  These sometimes help me get motivated.  I came across this one in the folder and decided that it fits.

It has been a rough few weeks with dad in the hospital.  It has caused a lot of stress and disagreements among our family.  I know this happens often when a loved one is sick.  Bickering, arguing not all getting along….I know it isn’t uncommon.  Tonight, he is home and although our schedules are crazy and hectic, Dave and I made dinner at his house for my sister’s family, my older brother and my dad.  We all ate at his house and made sure that he was settled, fed and comfortable.  He seems to be doing fine and with very few restrictions, he is sure to be out and about in a few days.

We had planned something small just the four of us and dad, but it turned into something bigger when my dad called and invited the rest of the family.  At first I was frustrated, not thinking there would be enough for everyone, and knowing that now I was cooking for ten rather than five, but Dave assured me that he’d bought enough for us all and not to worry about it.  My sister offered to go and buy more food to contribute to the meal, but it wasn’t even necessary.  Even if there hadn’t been enough, we would have made it work.  We always do.  Her kids, who are far less picky eaters than my own, wound up eating more than mine did and they enjoyed it.  That was a nice bonus!

At the end of dinner, Kathi, Dave and I did the cleanup and I was able to continue with purging his pantry that sadly is filled with expired cans and boxes of food.  Since he doesn’t do any cooking on his own, a lot of it has passed its expiration date.  It aches me to throw it away when I know how many starving people there are, but no one can use it past the dates so it has to be trashed.  I do a little bit each time I go.  My mom used to cook for a crowd and always over ordered in her grocery orders. They have a very big pantry and it will take some time to go through it all since we do it little by little.

Although I don’t show it much in public, (I reserve it for my family,) I often need reminders to appreciate what I have and to be less pessimistic.  We are all healthy, I have a job that I love, I am married to my best friend, have really great kids and amazing friends.  Yes, Dave needs a job, we could use more money, a bigger house, a cleaning lady…(my list goes on and on.) But in the end, rather than dwelling on the things I don’t have, I will try my best to see the bright side of situations and look for more positives.  A challenge I give to myself.

Kindness of Others


After yesterday’s blog about my broken lanyard, I realized how incredibly kind people really are.  We hear so many negative stories on the news and in the media, that sometimes we forget about all of the good things.  I had so many people respond to my blog and offer help to fix the chain. I was so touched.  It made me so happy to be a part of this community.  Actually, I have noticed that quite often, after many of the blogs I have written, friends, family and even strangers comment.  There are so many days that I wonder why people are interested in reading my blog.  I don’t always have a lot to say…or at least a lot of interesting things, but there are people reading it!  That makes me happy and it inspires me to keep on writing.  I appreciate all of you are who read and are interested in what I have to say.

Thanks for following 🙂




My younger son Drew loves baseball.  This year, he is on the summer travel B-Team.  He was so excited when he found out that he had made the team.  He is so proud of his uniform!  He wears number 36, his lucky number.  His team consists of a great group of 5th and 6th grade boys and some really encouraging, supportive and dedicated coaches.  Listening to them cheer each other on is one of my favorite parts of the game.

Drew is a decent player, he is on the small side but works extremely hard to keep up with the kids who are bigger than him.   For what he lacks in size, he makes up for in enthusiasm and spirit.  He has one of the loudest voices on the field, always yelling out instructions to his teammates.

Drew has been struggling with his batting this year.  Since he is small, he has a small strike zone so is often walked.  He loves to steal bases.  He steals every chance he gets, almost always sliding.  I think that he believes the dirtier he gets the better the slide!!  He has been disappointed in himself when it comes to batting though.  This has been causing him to be quite down on himself when he talks about his at bats.  This morning he found a penny and he said he was going to put it in his back pocket for good luck, (we still think every time we find a penny, it is my mom sending us a message telling us she is watching over us).

One of his teammates just got a new bat.  Drew has been envious of the bat since he saw it.  He hadn’t used it yet, but the teammate let him try it out a bit at practice to see if he liked it.  If you can fall in love with an inanimate object, then Drew has found his beloved!!  He had Dave driving him around for days trying to find the bat at several sporting goods stores.  No luck.  Finally, Drew found the bat on line.  It is quite expensive so we told him that if he paid for half, we would pay the rest.  We ordered it on line.  He has been tracking the delivery of it ever since.  It did not arrive in time for today’s game.  He was not very happy about that.  Lucky for him, the boy who had the bat already, let him use it for the game.

First time Drew got up to bat, he hit a line drive to right field!!!!!!  Unfortunately it went right to the right fielder and Drew was out.  I figured he’d be upset, but quite the contrary.  He was beaming!  He kept saying that it was his biggest hit ever!   Then, in the fifth inning, he was up again.   After several foul balls, Drew hit another line drive right over the left fielder’s head!  A double!!!!  To Drew though, it was as good as hitting a home-run.  He could not stop smiling.

What a confidence booster the game was for him today.  He has not stopped talking about it.  He is convinced it was the bat.  He has vividly explained the feeling of the ball hitting the bat over and over to us all afternoon.  He says he has never felt anything like it.  Normally, he has trouble bouncing back after a game if he feels he played badly.  Today, it has been all smiles, and exhilaration.  He can not wait to play in the next game!

After the game, I asked him if he thought it was the lucky penny in his pocket that “helped” him get those big hits tonight.  He told me it was “totally the bat.”  He said that he had forgotten the penny and  showed me what he had in his back pocket instead.  It was my mom’s mass card.  A laminated one that he told me he keeps in his pocket during his games.  So maybe it was the bat, maybe it was his angel grandma, or maybe he just needed that boost of confidence to make him realize that he could do it.  Whatever it was, it was uplifting for me to see that glint of inspiration he has while he looks forward to the next game.